Leeds United: Pointless talking about targets until we know Massimo’s plans – Gray

Lewis Cook.
Lewis Cook.
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IT’S been a very quiet week at Leeds United and there’s not much you can say.

I don’t think anything is happening at the football club yet though we’ll probably get to know sooner rather than later.

We’ll just have to see but I think the most exciting thing this week has been the play-offs! It was a good draw between Ipswich and Norwich and it was a terrific win for Middlesbrough. And it was a good win for Simon Grayson with Preston against Chesterfield.

At our club – you can’t really say much about it yet can you?

I don’t think anybody really knows what’s going on with Neil Redfearn and if he’s staying. It’s still all speculation.

But you would think if anything was going to happen with Neil leaving it would have happened by now. But I don’t know and there’s not really been any official statement from Massimo Cellino yet on what his plans are for the future of the club and how he sees it going forward.

It will be how he sees the club going forward that counts.

The Red Bull talk is back but that’s been going on for a year or so now, hasn’t it?

And the most important thing just now is to know what the plans are – how Massimo sees the club going forward and Neil’s future. Until we know that, you can’t really say too much but they have got to put things into motion soon as regards recruitment and who is leaving the club.

A lot of clubs have got their retained lists out now – who they are keeping and who they are letting go.

We’ve not really got any idea yet though I would imagine Massimo was maybe working on that last week with Neil to see what their plans are.

We will obviously have players leaving the club and you would hope there would be players coming into the club. The quicker that is done the better.

Charlie Adam has been mentioned but I wouldn’t imagine we would get him, let’s put it that way.

He’s still playing well at Stoke, he scored again on Saturday and he is still playing in the top half of the Premier League – scoring and making goals. Also, I would imagine his salary would be quite good – I just don’t know.

He’s a good target if we can back that up. But sometimes things like that get out in the press and it’s quite easy to throw names about but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

I think the best way to do your job is to get players signed, sealed and delivered before anybody else gets a sniff of who you are interested in.

I would imagine if Adam was available, there would be a lot of teams at the top end of the Championship interested in him – and in the Premier.

But there will be loads of names mentioned and until the basic fundamentals at the football club are sorted out, talking about names is just a waste of time.

Until Massimo says what his plans are, then talking about other players just doesn’t make any sense.

We’ve got to think about what is happening at the club first.

I know that we’ve offered a contract extension to Lewis Cook and I think the boy might sign and I think it’s important that he stays at the football club.

He’s only a young player and he’s still got a lot to learn in the game.

He seems to have done well under Neil so far so there’s no reason why that can’t carry on for another couple of years and see where that takes him.

I don’t think there’s any doubt that he will be in the Premier League eventually but whether he can step up to mark just yet I don’t know.

You are talking about a different ball game in the Premier League. You’d be playing against Yaya Toure, Juan Mata and Wayne Rooney and Matic.

You are talking about a lot of top players and, while he’s young, you’ve got to give Lewis a chance to mature.