Leeds United: Players unsettled by ‘ridiculous’ transfer window system - Ritchie

Luke Murphy.
Luke Murphy.
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THE summer transfer window closes for business on Tuesday at 6pm and I notice some managers, most notably Roberto Martinez, have been speaking about how unfair it is with it being open during the first month of the season when games are being played.


There’s obviously the situation going on with John Stones at Everton, who tabled a transfer request this week and is clearly unsettled after the bids from Chelsea.

I have to got to say, I do think that the current situation is ridiculous and I have sympathy with managers like Roberto.

It is a time when players can get affected. For me, the window business should be done before the season starts.

Because you get the situation with so many players being affected towards the end of windows in the first month.

Only this week, we had Lewis Grabban walking out of the hotel after refusing to be on the bench for Norwich in midweek as he wants to move back to Bournemouth and there have been other instances.

I do think players who do that sort of thing are wrong. As a player, if a move happens, it happens – if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

You just play for that club you are at as you are contracted to them. That’s my feeling.

The fact that the window is open while the season is on is definitely a real bane for managers.

It shouldn’t make the players think like they do, but they do get unsettled and for me, it is just plain wrong that it is open when there are games.

Players’ heads can get turned and do and some agents also clearly take advantage of the situation.

I know they have got to do their best for their clients. But I do think some of them should have a little bit more decorum about themselves.

Onto matters at Leeds United, who go into another tough game at Derby County this lunch-time before the two-week international break.

The talk may be of Leeds not winning in the Championship yet.

Yet equally, it is worth noting that Derby have not started as well as everybody else imagined and they are level pegging with Leeds as well despite being among the promotion favourites.

Derby will be also under pressure and have expectation on their shoulders.

They have started slowly, certainly more slow than they expected.

But it’s another big game at a tough place to go for Leeds where their recent record isn’t great. Uwe will naturally be hoping he gets a three-pointer. But having said that, I think if he gets another draw, he will be happy. It’s a big game for both clubs really.

If you are getting points away from home, you have got a chance once you get your home form firing, haven’t you?

Looking at Leeds’ form, I do think Uwe would be reasonably happy that given their schedule and the amount of early-season travelling, he has come out with four draws. Although being picky, he probably would have fancied one win in those.

I have read Uwe’s comments regarding the draws, saying that the glass is half-full rather than half-empty.

Leeds are unbeaten in the league and that’s a good thing and Uwe will be happy Leeds are unbeaten given the schedule and who they have played.

From what I have seen of the games so far, Leeds look to be playing some good football at times.

They have kept a good shape and they seem to be zipping the ball around at times.

Hopefully, they can build on that. They just need to get that first win.

Leeds have been linked this week with Fernando Forestieri at Watford, who has shown he is a skilful and creative forward who is a bit off the cuff.

With those sort of players, you have to fit them into the team. From what I have seen of him, I would not say he’s a massive team player, no disrespect to him at all.

But sometimes, you need those type of players who cause problems and can be a bit of a match-winner from nothing. With some of those flair players, you have to adjust your team accordingly when they play.

We’ll just had to wait and see with that one.

Lewis Cook is now back from suspension and Luke Murphy is getting back to full match-fitness.

Both Alex (Mowatt) and Luke changed the game when they came on last Saturday in the second half against Sheffield Wednesday and for me, Leeds need those sort of players to open up defences from midfield.

I am sure those three can do it. Readers will know I have a lot of faith in Luke and the young players are doing their bit as well and let’s hope they can push forward this season.

It is about just getting that foot over the line and getting those three points and there’s nothing better than doing that at a tough place like Derby County.