Leeds United: Players must ignore off-the-field protests - Ormsby

NO EXCUSES: Brendan Ormsby says the United players have to forget what is going on off the field like the protest at Hull on Tuesday.
NO EXCUSES: Brendan Ormsby says the United players have to forget what is going on off the field like the protest at Hull on Tuesday.
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Leeds United legend Brendan Ormsby answers your questions.

Hi Brendan. What you reckon to the atmosphere at Elland Road these days.

It seems muted with a lot of apathy from fans. Do you think it is affecting the players?

ROB SMITH, Headingley

I KNOW there was a protest against the chairman on Tuesday and I was there and it was quite loud. I was speaking to some fans during the day and it is fair to say they are not happy.

They don’t know what is going on and keep saying: ‘Is he going to sell?’ and it’s unsettling for supporters. It seems quite a few haven’t renewed season tickets and are just picking games when they want now.

They are not happy with the whole situation and just want something to happen one way or the other. They just want a clear-cut decision; either the chairman sells the club and goes or keeps it and invests in it.

The atmosphere isn’t good because of all what is happening. Protests don’t really help players, but they shouldn’t be worried about that. They should just be worried about what happens on the pitch.

They are getting paid their wages and the off-the-field stuff doesn’t affect them, in that sense. Not performing is what affects them because if they do, Neil Warnock will get rid of them. That’s what they need to worry about.

If we get results, that will cheer the crowd up and give something back to the supporters.

It was like on Tuesday, we were 1-0 up after about five minutes and you are thinking: ‘Well, maybe just might just be a good night.’

But overall, I thought Leeds were poor. Some of the players disappeared for me.

We had just under 20,000 there, which in our league on a Tuesday night isn’t bad; most clubs would love that. But if things were going a bit better on the field and off it, there would have been a bigger crowd.

In terms of fans protesting when I was playing, we had nothing in my day like that at Leeds. But when I was at Villa, there was a big fight for the club between Doug Ellis and the Bendalls and in the end, Ellis won and took over.

Doug was one of those chairman who never spent over what he had to and wouldn’t break the bank. But then again, as players, we weren’t bothered about the behind-the-scenes stuff.

We just played football and got paid. As long as we were paid and doing or job, that’s all we were worried about. Trying to get in the team and staying in it. Off the pitch wasn’t down to us.

We just wanted to win games. I was at Donny once when we were in trouble financially and we didn’t get paid for a month; it’s then you start to worry about what is going on. But it’s then that the PFA step in and pay the wages. That’s the only time I worried.

Leeds players should just play football and concentrate on getting results and their priority is getting us out of the division back to the Premiership. They can’t do anything about what is happening off the field.

That’s at the higher level in the boardroom.

The worse thing is if there’s all this talk about what is going on at the club and the team are struggling as well.

If for arguments sake, we dropped down to the lower reaches of the table, that would really make things worse. Fans will want something to look forward to on the pitch to take a bit away from stuff going on off it.

They will deal with that after games.

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