Leeds United: Play-offs still on the agenda after craziness - Gray

Alex Mowatt is congratulated by his teammates. PIC: Simon Hulme
Alex Mowatt is congratulated by his teammates. PIC: Simon Hulme
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What can you say about events at Leeds United this weekend?! It’s just been strange.

It’s been very difficult for everybody at the football club, difficult for Brian McDermott, the staff and the players and it’s just a bizarre situation. If you wrote it down, people wouldn’t believe it. The club has got to get sorted out sooner rather than later and there’s the situation with Brian where he was basically sacked and then re-instated and people still don’t know what’s happening. We’ll have to wait and see what happens in the long run but Saturday’s 5-1 win against Huddersfield was a good victory though it was a strange game.

Huddersfield were by far and away the better team in the first half but we got that goal just before the break. Then we go and play well in the second half and win the game, comfortably.

I was just pleased for Nigel Gibbs because he was taking charge for Brian and the two of them have worked together for a while. But the whole situation – you just don’t know what to say about it and I don’t think anybody knows what’s really happening. It’s all with the powers that be. And I don’t even know if they know!

If Massimo Cellino’s takeover is going to get done then the sooner it goes through the better because everybody is in limbo. And you’d just have to wait and see what would happen with the managerial situation if Cellino took over.

There has been talk of Gianluca Festa and I don’t know about that but he was at the game on Saturday. But I don’t really know about Festa and if he’s a good coach or not. I think he’s done a bit of coaching but all I really know is that he played at Middlesbrough. And I just don’t know what’s in Cellino’s mind.

I’ve not spoken to Cellino so I don’t know what his plans are if he takes over the football club. Maybe we will get some Italian players and there was one there on Saturday who I saw at the ground though he wasn’t near the dressing room or anything.

We’ll just have to wait and see! I think Massimo has been quoted as saying he never sacked Brian and if he’s not sacked Brian and wants Brian to be the manager that’s great. Brian has done a good job, so of course I want him to stay – things take time. But whoever buys the football club, that’s their choice – it’s their prerogative who they put in and everybody has got to abide by that. It will certainly be interesting anyway, that’s one thing! All these things have to be resolved but the ownership of the club is the first thing that’s got to be resolved because the owner of the club does what he thinks is best for the football club and that includes staff, manager and everything connected with it. If it’s his football club, he runs it as he sees fit. But football is a strange game and even with all the turmoil, our fans went home happy on Saturday because they’d won 5-1.

If they hadn’t have won it would have been a different atmosphere and that’s why I was so pleased for Nigel and the players and the staff. The thing that keeps football clubs going is getting results on the pitch and we have still got a chance to get in that top six. We’re only eight points off them with a game in hand and that’s how stupid it is. You would imagine that confidence will be high after beating Huddersfield 5-1 and on Saturday we go to Yeovil where you think there would be an opportunity to pick three points up. That would close the gap even further and it’s not impossible. With the way we’ve been playing, it doesn’t look likely but this league is such a strange league. I was also pleased for Ross McCormack on Saturday because if he’d had a bad game people would have thought he was wanting away. But he went out and did a right good job, very professional with a good hat-trick and he led throughout as skipper of the side.

He’s very loyal to his manager which he should be but I was delighted for him. There’s never a dull moment at Leeds but you want the football club straightened out and this has been going on for too long now. GFH Capital when they first came in said we were going to move forwards but if anything we’ve moved backwards.

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