Leeds United: Performance against Huddersfield Town up there with worst I have seen by Whites - Whelan

Garry Monk
Garry Monk
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SATURDAY’S display against Huddersfield Town was as bad as I have seen for a while.

I don’t think we really had any direction to our game or any kind of game plan.

If there was a game plan, we didn’t execute it to the way Garry Monk would have liked.

I thought we struggled deal with their energy and their enthusiasm, their creativity and their pace, their winning of the second balls and just basically dominating and defending a game.

Our closing down and intensity to our game, all over the field wasn’t there.

Creativity was absolutely lacking and the way we sent the balls forward without any care was very poor.

We played right into their hands with the two big centre-halfs.

We didn’t get down the wings to get past anybody, we didn’t really put a passing move together throughout the whole game I don’t think and that’s such a sad thing to see because it’s just about a desire and an energy.

They bullied us and we didn’t go back to the basics.

I thought the formation was probably wrong to play against Huddersfield.

We could have changed the formation some way through that game to give us a better opportunity, maybe in that midfield area by putting an extra man in there.

But we never got close to them.

They moved the ball better, they outfought us, they showed that they wanted it more, there seemed to be a togetherness about their squad and they knew how to play.

They work on their style of play every day and you can see that with the way their wing backs get forward.

What do we do? I don’t see a style of our play and I certainly didn’t see it on Saturday to be quite honest.

It was just balls lumped forward aimlessly and where we winning the second balls afterwards? No we weren’t, they were all going to Huddersfield and then they were putting their passing moves together.

They controlled the game and I didn’t see much fight from our boys.

I didn’t see any change in direction with the substitutes - it didn’t make any difference.

A change of formation probably would have been the better option considering we were getting overran in midfield with the way they were moving the ball.

It was as poor as I have seen a Leeds United team play.

In terms of Garry Monk’s interview afterwards when he was asked about his relationship with Massimo Cellino, certain things are between a chairman and a manager when it comes to personal details and the relationship.

You don’t go in there asking Liam Bridcutt or anybody about their relationship with their wives.

This is a certain thing that is probably a little bit more personal between the chairman and the manager.

But when you are talking about a game afterwards that was clear to see because everybody was there and you say it was pretty much an even game, I do not understand what he’s watching.

All we ask for is a little bit of honesty from a manager when asked a question.

And let’s be honest, this club is not just a club from the inside and he said that. But this is not a club from the inside.

This club is down to the fans who do their job and this club is bigger than what is inside the club, massively bigger.

This is about the fans, about the supporters and about everybody that cares about the club, not just Garry Monk and his job and not just the players and their jobs and not just the chairman and what he needs to do with the football club.

This is a massive club with a great fan base where everybody wants the best for Leeds United and all we ask is for some honesty and some questions answered because they weren’t difficult questions.

I understand you are under pressure but with pressure you have got to have some composure.

I think he let himself down there with the interview and I’m going to leave it at that because I do feel for him.

Results matter, performances matter and I understand that he has got the experience as a player and a bit as a manager, where he knows he needs to be composed.

I think he just let himself down with a few comments and the way he handled himself with these questions.

I don’t want any manager to lose their job and all I want from a Leeds United manager is honesty.

That’s all it is and just saying it as it is.

You can protect the players inside the ground and at the training ground, you can have your one on ones and that’s personal between yourself and the player, that’s absolutely fine.

But when it comes to a team performance and you have got 29,000 people there and people listen on the other end of a radio or om streams, you can’t hide the fact that we were very, very poor.

And not just very poor, we were shambolic.

We didn’t put any passing sequence together, we were very rigid and there wasn’t much movement.

Yes, we may try but when you are trying, that’s when you have got to start changing things around on the field, and as a manager.

That’s when you show your bravery and that’s where you get paid to make these changes and be brave and take a chance. But we didn’t take a chance.

We could have gone to three at the back and five in midfield and still kept two upfront.

I really don’t see the harm in that and Luke Ayling who has played centre half before.

He could have played central and then bring another attacker on, maybe Hernandez - someone who is going to create something and open something up in that no 10 role.

I would have kept Hadi Sacko on for a start and I would have taken Alex Mowatt off because he was not really getting past anyone.

There’s all things here when you need to get back into a game and you have got to change things, that’s where you show your bravery and that’s where you get paid to make these decisions count.

We just played like for like, but that wasn’t the problem.