Leeds United: Pearce’s move just doesn’t add up for me – Ritchie

Jason Pearce.
Jason Pearce.
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Jason Pearce’s proposed move to Wigan has left me a little bit nonplussed. Obviously Stephen Warnock has already gone and now you’ve got Jason leaving who is one of those players that you can rely on.

You know what you are going to get with him. You’ve got a ‘100 per cent-er’ who knows the league and knows what is needed in the Championship.

At Wigan, Malkay Mackay knows what he is looking for and it’s a little strange for me because I think the two of them – Pearce and Warnock – should still be there.

They are the players that the club needs in terms of the pressure, the kick and bite of the Championship.

I don’t think it adds up for me unfortunately.

Neil Redfearn has said before that he wants players there that know what this league is all about and I’m sure those two players come into that category.

It’s a bit strange for me.

Neil must have his reasons for it and with everything else that’s going on around the football club at the moment with Massimo Cellino and what have you, I just find it a bit strange that those two players have gone when you are looking for players that know the league and what’s needed to actually be in that league.

You just don’t know why but it’s a bit strange to me.

The arrival of Sol Bamba is another factor in it and they could be thinking, ‘we have got him in so we can allow Pearce to go.’ Obviously Sol Bamba has played at a high level with Leicester and now he has gone over to Palermo and come back.

But for me, I would have been more happy having the two of them, Pearce and Warnock.

You know what you are going to get from Pearce in terms of his performance.

You are going to get that 100 per cent from him every time, he’s going to defend and he’s going to put his head on the line or his body on the line and I don’t really know much about Bamba at all.

Apparently he’s a good player, he’s big and he’s got stature so let’s hope he can come in and hit the ground running because that’s what they need.

They need players that can come in now and if he’s going straight into the side he needs to go in and go ‘bumph’ and make an impact because Leeds have had a season of two or three great results and then ‘bump, bump,’ they have been knocked back.

They have not had any consistency and that’s because they have not had any consistency in coach or manager or whatever you want to call it – head coach now.

I think the players need to come in and hit the ground running, whoever they bring in, it’s an immediate effect that they need.

Bamba has been out of the hullabaloo of the Championship or the English game and will it take him another month to get back into that?

And do we have that time for him to get back into that?

Instead you had someone there like Pearce who knows what it’s all about.

Leeds go to Huddersfield tomorrow who I used to manage and my loyalties have got to be with Leeds!

I had a great time at Huddersfield and I felt that I shouldn’t have got the sack at the time but I think every manager thinks that.

But I’ve never played for Huddersfield so I would like Leeds to win the game.

It’s a great derby, a fantastic derby and I can’t wait for it.

I have seen a couple of the Huddersfield games recently but I think with all derbies, form goes out of the window.

Leeds are doing all right at the minute, they have had two or three good results but so have Town.

It’s a big game and it’s going to be a cracker.

Leeds were a little bit lucky winning against Bournemouth but you need that luck in the position they are in. And if Leeds were to win at Huddersfield I think it could give them that boost that they need.

I like the system and the way Neil has changed it with Luke Murphy and Rodolph Austin and Murphy just seems to have got that little bit more confident in himself. I think they can go there with a real spring in their step. Even if they got a draw they can think ‘right, we are stepping in the right direction here’ but I really think they have got a chance to win it.