Leeds United: Owners must put fans in picture over plans for future - Lorimer

Leeds United players dejected at the final whistle against Huddersfield Town.
Leeds United players dejected at the final whistle against Huddersfield Town.
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The Championship play-offs are now looking very unlikely and realistically the club and Neil Warnock will have to look at their side of things and make some decisions in the near future.

If the owners do not have anyone in mind to take over, Neil is a safe hand on the tiller. No new man, if he comes in, is going to change things and get us up between now and the end of the season, you would have thought.

This was Neil’s last managerial challenge to get a team up to the Premier League.

While I am not prepared to completely write the season off as stranger things have happened – look at Nottingham Forest who have come up into the play-off positions from out of nowhere, our chances are, however, slim.

Looking at the season as a whole, I am bitterly disappointed for the supporters.

There was a lot of optimism at the start of the year, while I, myself, was optimistic that we had a chance at the start of the season.

But it just has not worked out.

All that fans are bothered about is the way forward and now we just need a bit of guidance in terms of where we are going from here.

That is what fans want to know and what the owners at the club have got to come up with.

We thought this year was going to be the way forward on the pitch. If it isn’t, as seems likely, fans will want to know what the plan is for next season.

In football, there is always another year. But we were so hopeful this season.

However, you can look back at a lot of things as to why it has not quite happened for us.

We had injuries in early season, for instance and lost Paul Green, David Norris, Rodolph Austin and Ross McCormack.

losing them was a bit of a jolt while the takeover taking four or five months was not a big help to anyone either. It proved a difficult period.

It just has not happened for us.

That’s football; there are so many teams looking for those three places into the Premier League and there is no easy passage, you have to remember that.

Looking at the past week, it was a massive one on the pitch and we had to be looking at getting six points against Peterborough and Huddersfield so it was very disappointing to get just one.

We have not been consistent enough to get the amount of points that we require and now we are running out of games, unfortunately.

But what people must remember is that the gamble of getting to the Premier League is such a financially big thing. Look at Leicester, just a few weeks ago, they announced losses of nearly £33m.

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The money that some teams chuck about to get into the top flight is unbelievable.

To be quite honest, you do become quite fearful for a lot of clubs for it is such a gamble to throw vast amounts of money at getting promoted.

A number of great clubs have had their problems.

You look at what has happened at Portsmouth, for instance, who now have the real possibility of going down to the bottom division, which could destroy them.

It shows what can happen if you take big gambles; it is quite frightening really.

Look at us and what happened not too many years ago when we got carried away. Many thought other teams would take heed of that example, but it does not seem to be the case.

the sacking of Michael Appleton at Blackburn Rovers has made a lot of headlines this week and like everyone else, I was shocked.

This sort of thing is not good for the game and is more bad publicity for football at a time when we don’t need it.

Let’s be fair, over the past 12 months, Blackburn have not been a good advert for a football club, with all the comings and goings on the management side and other things happening there.

Once again, the one set of people you feel sorry for are the fans.

They are the ones who have been through it all and go along every week.

The lack of patience is not good, especially from some of the foreign owners who invest at football clubs.

Unfortunately, they do not know the game of football here and what it is all about.

They do not seem to know that while every year, 24 clubs in a league set off wanting to be successful and get promoted to the Premier League, only a few can. Just because someone comes in and puts a few quid in does not mean you automatically assume success.