Leeds United: Only wins will keep a coach in a job at Leeds – Gray

Massimo Cellino
Massimo Cellino
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IT’S always difficult for a coach when he gets the sack. But I think people just have to get used to the way the club is going to be run now.

If you’re not successful then this is what happens. The president is ambitious and he wants to be successful and it’s not a long time for a coach is six games in charge.

I felt sorry for Darko. It was a difficult experience for him and I think he will be pretty shocked himself – though not so much at being dismissed because I think everybody knows the record of the president and you’ve got to be successful if you work for him – that’s just how it is.

What you’ve got to remember in football now is that it’s Massimo Cellino’s club and if he’s putting his money in it, he does what he wants.

As soon as Darko signed up for the job, I felt as though he had to get off to a good start. But even after Saturday’s game, a few of the fans were saying that he’ll have to go, especially with having Neil Redfearn in the background and Neil having done well as caretaker.

It was always going to be difficult for Darko and I said before the game on Saturday that it didn’t make any difference how we played, as long as we got a victory to get a bit of confidence flowing through the club again.

Then the coach would have been feeling more confident in himself because I don’t think Darko knew the players, I don’t think he knew English football and the Championship as such so that made it difficult for him. I thought the team played well for 45 minutes on Saturday but in the second half we completely lost it again and the players have shown flashes that they can be capable of doing things but only in flashes.

I briefly saw Darko after the game on Saturday before he got dismissed and he is a nice fella but unfortunately in our game it’s results that count.

And I think it was a bit of a surprise that Neil Redfearn never got the job to start with after securing 10 points out of 12. That was always going to make it harder for the new coach coming in as well if he didn’t get results because people would be harpng back and saying ‘well before he came we were doing all right’ from the point of view of picking points up.

Obviously everyone wants stability at the football club and that’s something we’ll maybe get under Neil who knows the football club and he knows the league.

He knows the players, he has been around the club for a long time and he’s played English football himself at the highest level so that might give us a better chance. He’s done a good job before and hopefully he can start to pick points up and we climb the league again because it’s getting near that Christmas period and you don’t want to be hovering around near the bottom of the league by then.

If there’s people worrying about the effect his appointment might have on the Academy then you’ve got to remember the most important team at any football club is the first team. The Academy doesn’t come into it just now. It’s there to produce players but even if you produce players if the first team aren’t doing very well when they are in the team then it doesn’t really count for a great deal, even if Neil is there.

The most important team at any football club and the team that keeps the club going isn’t the Academy team, it’s the first team. They are the team in the spotlight and if they are not going well it doesn’t make any difference how well your Academy is getting on.

Neil has got a difficult task this week as we’ve not won at Cardiff for a long, long time.

I think the last time we won at Cardiff I was in charge when George McCluskey scored in 1983. It’s just one of those things that we can’t seem to beat them down there.

But we’ve got to pick points up now because we are getting too close to the bottom of the table and as every week goes by without you winning a game, you drop a place.

Getting in the play-offs isn’t impossible but you are going to have go on a good run because there’s a lot of teams in between us and the play-off places just now.

We’re down to 18th now and it’s not a very healthy position to be in coming into the beginning of November.

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