Leeds United: Nutrition a big part of today’s game - Ormsby

Ross McCormack pre-season training back in 2011.
Ross McCormack pre-season training back in 2011.
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Leeds United legend Brendan Ormsby answers your questions.

HI Brendan. What was the close-season like for players back in your day? Players seem to follow all sort of programmes these days. I bet you didn’t have any of that.

IT was basically a case of playing the last game and probably having a meeting with the gaffer on the Monday and that being it! Go away and enjoy the summer...

We certainly weren’t handed any diet sheets and fitness regimes to follow, which Brian will have issued the Leeds players with before they went off for their holidays.

We were told: ‘Just look after yourselves’ and given the date when we were coming back. After that, it was left up to us.

When the season was finished, you thought great. But I was one who would be bored silly after a few weeks’ off, having had my holiday. You miss the day to day banter with the lads and the regular routine and games.

I used to just potter about around the house and kill time basically. Thankfully a holiday would break it up for a week or two.

To be fair, I used to keep myself ticking over during the summer.

I am not saying I am the biggest fitness fanatic in the world, but I did look after myself.

You work on your fitness throughout a hard season and then look forward to a break. But after that and having always gone out jogging a lot, it was easy for me to keep in the routine. Sometimes, I’d go to a gym as well.

The missus always looked after me with my food when I was playing over the years also. And nutrition is an even bigger thing these days, the modern-day players all have to eat properly.

There is no excuse with all these nutritionists and people involved with the clubs in health and fitness, and dieticians. Players certainly cannot moan about not being told what to do.

It is all in front of them in black and white.

Any gaffer like Brian will know when players come back in terms of who has been looking after themselves and who has been messing about.

As a player back in my time, you just had to be sensible. As it gets closer to coming back in, you start to look after yourself a bit more and do your own bits of running as when you came back, you used to suffer as the coaches would hit you with the hard stuff with the running. It used to kill you and your feet would be blistered after not having boots on for a month or so. You’d be run into the ground.

It was about getting your general fitness back and you didn’t see the balls.

Today, the balls are virtually out from the first day you get back as they work with the balls a lot more earlier.

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