Leeds United: Newcomers have shown promise for the weeks and months ahead – Gray

Marco Silvestri.
Marco Silvestri.
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THERE have been a lot of changes to playing personnel at Leeds United over the summer and in a way, I am glad that the transfer window has closed, so that everything can settle down now at the club in that respect.

Whoever comes in, whether it is Neil Redfearn or someone else, will at least know what they have got to work with now.

Whoever it is can now form their own mind about the players here in terms of his best 11 and the best way to play and what formation he wants to play and so on. That said, formations do not mean a lot really; it is all about players and about working out the players and understanding how they adapt to certain situations.

Hopefully we have brought the right kind of players in.

I was quite impressed with Casper Sloth in his debut against Bolton. I thought he looked quite useful and bright and looks like he can see a pass.

Given the amount of foreign players who have come in, you need and value that time in an international break to work with them, so you can get them up to speed and used to how the game is played over here in terms of the pace.

Looking at the new foreign players, I think Mirco Antenucci has done all right. He did okay at Watford in terms of his hold-up play. But like every new striker, he needs a goal.

I thought he also did quite well in the last game against Bolton when he worked hard again and showed some nice touches. He just needs that bit of confidence through scoring.

To be fair, I have been impressed by most of the foreign lads, although it must have been strange for them, all coming in over here what has happened at the start of the season, which has not really been easy, what with the upheaval with David Hockaday coming in and then leaving.

It has been difficult for the players. But you still have to judge them on their merits and we will have to see how they do. Hopefully, after the international break, they can progress further.

Looking at Marco Silvestri, he looks a decent goalkeeper. He was excellent in the last game against Bolton and to all intents and purposes, he won us the game and was the match-winner on the day, so you have to give him credit.

I have got to say I have been very impressed by what I have seen of Lewis Cook. He can certainly play and for such a young lad, has a lot of quality.

He is definitely one we should really be looking to, for the future at Leeds United and is one of those who I feel can make the team perform better.

No matter how young you are, when you are in the team, you have to do the job. It’s a man’s game.

With players of that ability, you have to be successful or you can find to your cost you end up losing them.

That is why in the next few years, it is important he progresses and hopefully in a few years, he will be getting his opportunity with us in the Premier League and that as a club, we can go forward and keep our best players here.


We have lost Matt Smith and I would imagine that Ross McCormack will have had something to do with that; I think he might have been a bit of an influence on that one!

They worked well on the pitch and Ross has always liked to play with a big strike partner and a traditional centre forward up there rather than having to play on his own there.

I have got to say I am a little disappointed at Matt’s departure as I felt he did all right at the club. I wish the boy well; he is still relatively new in professional football and hopefully he will move on and do well as he did quite well for us last season in his first year in the Championship.

His goalscoring record was good.

Obviously, Dominic Poleon has joined Oldham and it never really happened for the boy at our club during his time here.

In flashes, he looked good, but I do think that he does have a bit to learn yet.

He is still a young lad and things may not have worked out at Elland Road, but now he has the chance at Oldham where he will play more regularly and consistently.

He is another who I wish well and I hope he takes his chance and does well over at Oldham.

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