Leeds United: New goalkeeper must be high on list of new coach’s priorities – Whelan

Tom Adeyemi's shot hits the post against Bolton.
Tom Adeyemi's shot hits the post against Bolton.
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I SEE it as two points dropped on Saturday, yet again.

And once again it’s coming from a single mistake which is putting us 1-0 down before we get a hold of the game. It’s giving us an uphill test.

You get the good and bad out of Marco Silvestri don’t you?

He made some great saves and stops, especially the one that led to the equaliser through the penalty.

But on the flip side you’ve still got these mistakes in him that are costing us and it’s most games. His ball distribution isn’t the best but, on the other side, when it comes to shot-stopping he’s probably one of the best players at the club.

I think we needed to look at getting a new goalkeeper anyway, to have another goalkeeper there.

But it’s whether they look at a goalkeeper as cover for him or look for an actual replacement and he goes to the bench. For me I’d be looking for the second one.

I’d be looking at getting someone who is a little bit stronger that is going to command the areas and it comes down to a bit of trust as well.

Because when the balls are coming in, everyone is on the edge of their seats – is he going to come and take it? Is he going to come and flap at it or punch it and not go very far?

And if we think that then surely defenders must be a little bit wary about it as well.

But overall I have seen an improvement in the team under Steve Evans and I think he has had a good influence on the players.

He is playing the 4-4-2 system which works and we did see against Fulham a lot more drive, desire, the tempo, the work rate and creating chances.

We created more chances in the Fulham game than I’d seen in probably the last three games with Uwe Rosler in charge.

But the worry is that when we are making these chances we are not putting them away and we need to start scoring more goals from free play.

At the moment, it’s set pieces where we are getting goals from and it’s not because we haven’t had chances because we have.

We just need to be a little bit more ruthless in front of goal.

Obviously we are very light in that department with strikers so when Lee Erwin comes back in two weeks he will be somebody that will be looked at and considered for the bench.

I do think that Steve has obviously got players in mind that he likes and I’d like to think that maybe he will get a centre-half, a striker and a goalkeeper.

They are the areas that I think we need to strengthen.

We have got an abundance of midfield talent and we’ve got the wingers that we want now but I think it’s those other crucial areas that win you games and lose you games.

Rosler ended up losing his job, the chairman made that decision and we know he’s not one for hanging about with these decisions. He makes them and sticks by them.

No-one saw it coming but obviously conversations were held with Steve and whoever came in was going to be inheriting a very good group of players, that’s for sure.

You have got a talented bunch of players and Steve has done well in his previous jobs though, yes, with lower clubs than Leeds United.

But he must be excited to be at such a big club, excited to have the choice of players that he has got at his disposal and the help he is gong to get from the chairman in terms of players coming in.

And he’s very honest and that’s refreshing.

He’s not scared to come out and say when players make mistakes and point some fingers and I think that’s really refreshing to hear as a fan and somebody that has been in the game.

Yes, you can protect your players but at the same time it’s all there to be seen.

People are there watching, fans pay their money and it’s rightly so that they hear the truth from the manager because that’s his job.

We’re only 17th at the moment but in my eyes it’s still very early days.

Three wins on the bounce starting with Thursday’s home clash with Blackburn and everything changes again and people are looking at things in a different way.

But we need to get certain things right on the pitch. We need to stop these mistakes that keep costing us and giving us a hill to climb.