Leeds United need some rowdy types for me - Ormsby

NICE GUY: Andy O'Brien and Co have come in for some hammer.
NICE GUY: Andy O'Brien and Co have come in for some hammer.
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Leeds United legend Brendan Ormsby answers your questions.

Hi Brendan.

Every week it’s about defence, defence, defence at Leeds, but nothing seems to be done to attempt to rectify the ever-increasing problems. Any advice to offer regarding the situation, especially with Simon Grayson being an ex-defender?


To be fair Phil, I don’t know what he can do with the personnel he’s got as he’s tried so many permutations, – changing the centre-backs, changing the full-backs, you name it.

Quite often, he’s changed things and it’s sorted itself out for two or three games and then the mistakes have crept in again. We’ve basically given away silly goals all season.

Okay, Swansea outplayed us a few months ago, but a lot of the goals have been down to individual errors.

Whatever happens at the end of the season, I’m sure Simon will look back on it and watch the DVD of all the games and wince at some of the goals we’ve conceded, which have been horrendous, many through schoolboy mistakes.

If possible you need to get a pair of centre-halves and stick by them. I remember in our play-off season when most of the time it was me and Dave Rennie, with Jack Ashurst coming in at some point. We had continuity and it was fairly settled at the back, which was solid.

I know it’s been mentioned about Leeds being a quiet team. You look at the back four and Kasper Schmeichel is loud – and you want your keeper talking to them all the time – but you also need one of your defenders to be vocal and loud to boss the rest of the team.

I was like that when I played; I was like it as a kid to be honest!

I’m now manager of Pontefract Collieries and when we played the other night I noticed that none of the lads talk to each other and the changing room is the quietest I’ve ever heard. It’s me who is cracking the jokes and I shouldn’t be doing that as I’m the manager!

If someone is not doing the job out on the pitch, you point the finger and give them a rollicking. That’s how I’ve always been.

Right down the middle of the team, you need that vocal element. Someone at the back to do it, someone in the midfield to snarl at people and be a bit nasty, and one of your strikers to do that as well.

Ian Baird used to do that at Leeds and he’d wind people up and have a go at us if we needed it. But it’s really got to come from the back.

Leigh Bromby is a lovely lad and, while I don’t know him, Andy O’Brien he seems a nice fella. I’ve seen Alex Bruce, and he’s not as vocal as his dad. I don’t think any of them are the noisiest.

Jonny Howson, the captain, is also not the noisiest of players and is still a young lad. I do think he has the bottle to give people rollickings when needs be and it’s up to the experienced pros who have been around to listen to him.

If you get told off for a mistake, you hold your hands up in front of everyone and say: ‘Right, I won’t do that again.’

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