Leeds United: More to see from Murphy next term – Ritchie

Luke Murphy.
Luke Murphy.
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Ex-Leeds United striker Andy Ritchie answers your questions.

Hi Andy, I’d be interested to know your opinion of Luke Murphy this season.

It’s always difficult when you arrive at a new club with a bit of a fee on your head and, for some people, it can be a bit of a burden.

But I’ve seen Luke quite a lot; I saw him a fair bit when he was at Crewe along with Nick Powell – Crewe will always have some shining lights there.

To be fair, Luke has had a bit of an up-and-down season. But I do really think Leeds will benefit and see the best of him next season when he has settled in completely.

He might be one of the those players where the situation at the club may have affected him a little bit, while he has had time out of the team as well.

But looking at him, in terms of skills, I think he has got everything and he is a class player. His vision and passing is good and I don’t think anyone can have a go at his work-rate.

He can give the ball away on the edge of the box, but he will chase back for it towards his own box to get it back and I have seen him do that.

But I do think next season will be his time here.

Luke is still fairly young, but he will have arrived at Leeds last season with the £1m price tag, which Leeds hadn’t spent on a player for a while and everyone turning around and saying he was the main man.

He should be used to it because that’s what he was at Crewe. But stepping up to a club like Leeds is a big thing.

Sometimes, it takes time to time settle in and that looks to be the case with Luke. But I am confident fans will see the best of him next season, that’s my view.

He has something about him and I do think in time he will be a real lynchpin for the team.

At the moment, Rudy Austin is the one midfielder who is going forward in the team and Luke is having to sit in a little bit to protect the back four. I do think Luke can do that role further up the field and maybe get into the box and use his height and his stature a bit more.

I wouldn’t say Luke has had a bad time this season by any means. It’s just that the transition in coming over from a club like Crewe to a huge club like Leeds has been a little bit more difficult than he probably expected, to be fair.

But I am sure he will prove a valuable addition to the football club in time. He just needs a bit of time, players do need time sometimes and there’s plenty of cases of players coming to a club and taking a little while to bed in, maybe a season or so, before them really going to show what they are made of and why the club bought them.

I do think it’s going to be one of those occasions with Luke. He’s definitely got something about him, I think. He has a bit of class about him and just needs a bit of time, that’s all.

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