Leeds United: Michael Owen’s not the man for Whites - Ormsby

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Leeds United legend Brendan Ormsby answers your questions.

Brendan, what do you reckon about all this talk about Michael Owen possibly coming to Leeds? Surely not?

Dave Collins, Beeston

One thing I will say is that it would create a lot of good publicity for the club!

Looking at it, he would definitely be a luxury signing and I’m sure Michael Owen will be on a fair deal of money, wouldn’t he?

It would cost a lot of money in my view for not a lot of return and I can’t really see it happening, to be honest.

I think it’s fair to say Michael’s seen his best days after taking football by storm as a young player. He’s had his injuries and let’s face it, he hardly played at Man United this season or last!

Whoever signs him, I’m not sure they would get the best out of him now anyway. At Leeds, we had the likes of Robbie Fowler and Ian Rush who came when they were past their best and when Rushie came, it was not long before his playing days were over and I think Michael knows that about himself too.

Michael doesn’t need the money, but if he wants to play for another year, good luck to him.

Looking at Michael too, he’s always played at the highest level and while we are still a big club at Leeds, would he come here and drop down a division? That said, I don’t think he will get many offers from Premiership clubs and there aren’t many bigger clubs than Leeds – make that none – below that level.

These days, Owen’s pace has diminished and he’s more of an impact player, coming off the bench as a substitute. You look at his career and he’s played with Liverpool, Real Madrid, Newcastle and England with good quality, top-class players.

I’m not saying there’s no quality at Leeds, but the players wouldn’t be the top-quality players he’s used to playing with. Would they provide him with the right amount of service and then there’s his injuries...


Looking at Michael as well, you’ve got to wonder how motivated he would be to play on at somewhere like Leeds. Financially, he’s got so much money, it’s not as if he needs to carry on playing. He could hang up his boots tomorrow, if he wanted to.

He’s now got his horse-racing business to look after and maybe that’s his passion.

If he has truly got the appetite to play on and somehow decided that he would come to us if we wanted him, fair play to him. He’d give us some reward, if he kept fit, although as I’ve said, I do wonder how much payback you’d get from an investment in someone like him.

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