Leeds United: McDermott has repeatedly shown us his loyalty - Ritchie

Trying times for Leeds United
Trying times for Leeds United
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Ex-Leeds United striker Andy Ritchie answers your questions.

Whatever people think of Brian McDermott at the minute, you can hardly blame him for not resigning. Why should he after everything he has been through?

I totally agree with that statement. Brian has shown his loyalty in hugely difficult circumstances and is still showing it.

He desperately wants to make it a success at Leeds. He loves the place – I know that from talking to him myself.

Funnily enough, if Brian does manage to get through this situation and it is all sorted, he might think that all the experience will make him better and stronger to deal with things he probably thought he wouldn’t have to deal with in his football management career.

I think he has shown he is brave and has guts and doesn’t want to leave the club and is determined to come out on the other side.

These are extraordinary circumstances, not many managers have been through what Brian has and I have not seen this sort of thing happen before at a club.

It just seems things are just adding on for Brian, from being ‘sacked’ to being reinstated the next morning and now there’s the ownership and things with the wages. It’s just all so muddy.

It seems to be there’s some thing going on behind the scenes.

He has had to answer questions he shouldn’t really be answering as, to me, GFH have just been quiet and in the background. Why is Brian left to handle it all? They should be taking it away from him. Surely, they should be coming out with the statements.

Brian is just caught in the middle of all this. There’s obviously all the stuff about wage deferrals and it must make it hard to motivate players. I suspect they feel as if they are not being backed. I don’treally know and I wasn’t really in that situation as a player.

They have just got to pull together because if the worst comes to the worst, the players have their careers in football to think about.

They will maybe be thinking about the fact they need to get a new club, but to do that, they will need to produce their best form so people take notice.

On the pitch, the players can help Brian. I am not saying the players are not trying, but they just need to try harder.

Brian has been through such a lot this year and has handled it all with dignity and class.

He hasn’t been getting the results, but there’s a hell of a lot of other factors to consider as these just aren’t normal circumstances are they.

You just cannot forget that. It must have taken its toll on him, but he is staying strong under hugely difficult circumstances.

Paul Heckingbottom.

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