Leeds United: McAllister would be a popular choice - Gray

Gary McAllister
Gary McAllister
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EVERYBODY is talking about who the next Leeds boss will be but it’s just speculation.

There’s going to be names thrown into the hat but I don’t think anybody will really find out what’s happening until the president has his man and announces who it is.

I think Massimo Cellino will be assessing things and looking at who he thinks is the man to come in, who can take the club forward and who can work with him.

He’s not rushed into anything. He’s having a look around at what’s available and I think that makes a bit of sense. It is an attractive job, a great job and this is a great football club.

There’s talk about there being an appointment this week but there was talk about doing it last week wasn’t there?Once he gets his man, everybody will find out and then the club can push forward.

You’ve still got time just now, especially with everybody concentrating on the World Cup, to get your players organised, your staff organised and who you want to bring into the football club.

Of the latest candidates, I don’t know a lot about Eamonn Dolan. I’ve heard about him but I don’t know a lot about him. But you can talk about names and people can talk about big names but anybody that comes in starts anew and they get their opportunity to put their mark on the football club.

Whether it’s somebody that’s prominent in the world of football or somebody that people don’t know a lot about, if somebody comes into the football club, whoever it is, they get a chance.

There’s also talk of Gary McAllister and we know all about him. Gary has a good knowledge of the game and there’s no doubt that Gary would be a popular choice.

He knows a lot about at the game, I know him myself and you would think appointing Gary would be something that would go well with the fans.

Gary is a name that everybody knows. He was a terrific player for Leeds and I thought he did a decent job when he was manager. He brought some decent players to the club. I’m friends with Gary and I saw him the other week but the job at Leeds was never mentioned.

I think it could work and anything can work if you put the work in though there’s not a magic wand in football and you’ve got to work hard, regardless of who it is.

Chris Hughton is another name mentioned and I think Chris has done well in football. He’s another one who has been around and he’s got a good knowledge of the game. He has managed at a higher level and he has worked with top players. But whoever comes to the club, the main thing is that they get the support of the fans and that they get behind whoever is the new boss... or new coach, because that is what they are going to be!

There was talk of a bid for Ross McCormack this week but you are going to get bids for Ross, obviously. Of course clubs are going to come in for Ross but the thing that will decide that is how Ross feels, how the football club feel and how much money is offered. Everybody has got a price.

Everybody at the club wants Ross to stay but you’ve got to be realistic enough to know that in this football world things move on. Ross might want to play in the Premier League. For his career he might think it’s time to move on but he might not and he might decide to stay at Leeds United and give it another year. But he’s not getting any younger and there could be an opportunity for him. Who knows?

The World Cup is upon us and I watched the England game against Honduras on Saturday night which was disappointing.

But I didn’t think Brazil played great against Serbia either and were very disappointing and fortunate to win. From what I have seen, I would go for Argentina. I am told you can get 100-1 on England but I will not be bursting to get through the doors.

There’s a lot of good young players in the side and a lot of talent but whether they are good enough on this occasion to go to South America, where it’s a difficult place to play, and to win the World Cup, I would be very doubtful.

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