Leeds United: Massimo’s strong leadership and single-mindedness are reassuring – Lorimer

Noel Hunt battles for the ball with Forest's Jamaal Lascelles.
Noel Hunt battles for the ball with Forest's Jamaal Lascelles.
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At times like this, a club as big as Leeds United need very strong leadership and clear direction.

We’ve all got opinions on what should happen at Elland Road and we probably all agree that big changes are needed. But the reassuring thing for me is that we’ve now got an owner who is single-minded enough to take hard decisions and rebuild the club from top to bottom.

When things go wrong – and Monday’s defeat to Nottingham Forest was another awful result, one of many this season – it’s natural to look for action straight away.

The season finishes in two games’ time and it’s already over for us so you could argue that there’s nothing stopping Massimo Cellino from taking the bull by the horns and sorting things out immediately.

But personally I’m quite happy to take a step back and wait for him to do things in his own time.

The one thing you can tell from his track record is that he won’t be afraid of ringing the changes or doing things his own way.

I’ve no doubt that the big calls will come soon enough and I’m sure it won’t be long before he starts putting his stamp on the place.

This is his first summer in charge of Leeds and his first season will be upon him in no time so he’s not going to sit on his hands.

He’ll be as unhappy about the recent results as the rest of us are and he’ll know deep down that there are big problems to address.

This has been such a depressing campaign – one of the worst I’ve experienced in all my time associated with the club, going back 50 years.

The fact that we’ve got a new owner who knows about football and has a track record of success at Cagliari is the only light at the end of the tunnel for me.

It’s the only thing that gives me hope of better times ahead.

If his past history is anything to go by, Cellino doesn’t spend time sitting on his hands.

At the moment, he’ll be thinking long and hard about the future of the players and the coaching staff.

You also know for sure that he won’t be influenced by the supporters or the press. Now that he’s in the door and in total control, he’ll do what he wants to do. And rightly so.

He put his money where his mouth was by investing in Leeds and I can’t see him tolerating the sort of results we’ve had this season, and especially since the turn of the year.

He’ll want a massive improvement across the board and whatever he does and however he decides to go forward, we all need to support his decisions.

We might question some of them or be surprised by others but at the end of the day, these are his calls.

I’m pleased in a way that he hasn’t rushed into anything yet. Of course there’s a massive amount of work to be done but he does have the whole summer to work with and it’s a better idea to take a bit of time, consider things fully and give yourself a chance to get things right.

Brian McDermott says that a major rethink is needed and I have to agree. There’s no way of dressing up our form or our league position. But in fairness, we’ve already had one major change – an end to the instability and the insecurity which affected the club for several months.

There’s been very little continuity at Elland Road and it’s true what they say – a team won’t ever go forward in those circumstances.

But finally we’ve found an owner who wants to make a go of things, and an owner who knows his football.

With the greatest of respect to GFH, they weren’t football people.

They weren’t people with the experience you need to get a grip of a club in a crisis. That’s shown in the mess Cellino has inherited.

I’ve got confidence in his ability to sort the mess out but at the same time, I’m not going to pretend that he can turn everything around with a click of his fingers.

What patience we have left needs to be shown to him. He’s got an awful lot of work ahead of him.

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