Leeds United: Managers must have final say on transfers - Ritchie

FIXTURE CHANGES: Leeds United head coach Uwe Rosler has been left with something to think about regarding the club's Festive games.
FIXTURE CHANGES: Leeds United head coach Uwe Rosler has been left with something to think about regarding the club's Festive games.
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MUCH is being made of the influence of transfer committees this week following the departure of Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool – and the situation with sporting directors bringing in players like at Sunderland who have had a sporting director. Obviously, there has been the situation at Leeds as well.

Personally, for me, I don’t think anyone better than the manager knows what players he needs.

Yes, there can be discussions about players and targets, but the manager will know how he wants to play and ultimately who he wants.

I always think a director of football’s job is a case of a manager going to him and wanting ‘X’ player and him going to get him if the club can go and get him – a case of you use your expertise to do the business.

That is the definition of the relationship between the manager and director of football for me.

For me, the managers identify the player and the director of football goes and sorts it out with the agents and it is up to him to believe how much the player should cost and things like that.

That is the way it should be and not a case of committee sitting around a table and saying: ‘Well, he will fit in with us.’

The manager should chose the players and that is the right way for me as he is the one who is judged by results.

Maybe some people might think I am living in the past and I am an old-school traditionalist, but so be it. That’s my view.

If a manager brings in players who he wants and doesn’t succeed, then it is fair enough to have a go at him and managers understand that. That is the way it works in the game.

Sometimes, it’s a case of players being brought in for a manager and if things don’t work, he is the one sacked for it when some of the players will be ones he didn’t want.

That for me is a little bit out of order. Managers should get the players and not get the sack if other people in the company bring in players. That’s my view.

Former Leeds head coach Neil Redfearnhas got the Rotherham United job, I see and it is great to see him back in management.

I thought he did a great job at Leeds, but obviously things with the owner never worked out in the end.

There were rumours Neil might have got the Oldham job recently, but obviously David Dunn has got that and with the Rotherham job, Neil has certainly got a fight to keep them in the Championship.

But I am sure he will give it his best shot. If he does it and manages to stave off relegation, then he will be a hero.

But if he doesn’t manage to keep them up, no-one will have a go at him too much as he will have had his hands full making them stay up. Then, it will be a case of having a good clear-out and then I am sure he will do well.

Neil has got his affairs sorted out with Leeds and will have now recharged the batteries and will be ready to get back in to the game.

On to the present-day Leeds and the break will have come at a good time for sure after the Middlesbrough and Birmingham defeats.

Leeds are in 16th place in the table and will be wanting to improve and lay down a marker by the time it gets to Christmas and new year in what is the hardest league in the country.

Given their results recently, this break will enable Uwe to have some important time working with the players on a few things and settling things down as well.

Everyone knows the issue with home results.

For some reason, at certain points in recent seasons, Leeds have had problems with it at times too – it has been a bit of a monkey on their backs really.

It is one of those things. But Uwe will know he has to change it fast as if you are going to have a good season, you must rely on your home form and picking up results on your travels.

Home form is a real stumbling block at the minute for United.

Yes, the fans will always be here and the team will get that support there.

But it is about utilising that to your advantage and really all the fans want to see is the team having a real go. It is when the players don’t that they are not happy.

They could just do with one result at home and things hopefully might click then.