Leeds United: Losing McCormack would be a huge blow for United

Ross McCormack.
Ross McCormack.
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Former Leeds ace Andy Ritchie has his say on all things United

LEEDS UNITED have sold big players in the past, but Ross McCormack would be such a really big loss for them; there is no doubt about that.

Ross was a mainstay last season in a campaign to remember for him and don’t forget that he had a big impact on Matty Smith as well in his first season at the club.

Looking towards this second year, this season will be a major one for Matt.

He did great last year in his first season of Championship football, but to put the weight of the goalscoring on his shoulders in the new season would be a really big ask for him I think.

Ross would be a massive loss in many ways for Leeds United and I am sure that Matt would really feel it in particular as strikers do like to form partnerships.

If Ross goes, that will have to happen again and Smith will need to get another partner to play with and it obviously takes time for new players to bed in and for you to get your relationship going as these things can take time.

In regards to the news about Ross tabling a transfer request last month, I am a little surprised with him having pledged his allegiance to Leeds when he signed his deal last year.

But I think we have to reserve judgement a little bit until we get Ross’ reasons, which he will be keeping to himself at the minute.

He must be a bit unsettled because I think he stayed because of Brian McDermott. That seemed to be the gist of it when he signed.

Maybe now he just feels that he needs to move on.

We will have to wait and see what happens and I am sure that Leeds will not be in a position to turn stupid money down.

Regardless of what Massimo Cellino is saying, I think if the right money is offered, he will go.

As for Ross maybe going to Fulham, obviously they went down at the end of last season from the Premier League and I am not really sure that is a step up for him.

Are they a bigger club than Leeds? I don’t think so.

But the situation that they are in at the moment means that they are in a healthier state than the one in which Leeds are in. But Fulham definitely are not a bigger club.

Looking at Ross’ performances last season, he was fantastic.

If you are being critical and there was one minus against him, I think it is that he should have been closer to 40 goals as he did miss some chances as well. But you have to be in there to miss them at the end of the day, don’t you?

But I think Ross was brilliant overall for Leeds last season and for me, he is not just a goalscorer, but also links up play. He was great.

Along with sorting the future, there is lots of other work to be done at Leeds United as well and it promises to be a really busy time with the start of the season just five weeks away.

This is so much work that needs to be done.

Obviously, the World Cup is approaching its business stage with the final taking place a week tomorrow and while things have maybe tightened up a little bit, it’s been terrifically entertaining.

It must be a lot of years since the group winners all went through to the quarter-finals, but it has really been a super tournament hasn’t it?

It’s certainly thrown up some questions. Brazil and Argentina weren’t that convincing and then you look at the likes of Colombia, who have been absolutely fantastic and a breath of fresh air.

It’s great for the game when unknown teams blow you away and you just think: ‘Who the hell are they? Aren’t they good!’

It’s been a competition when a number of the so-called lesser nations have done well, such as the likes of Algeria and the USA.

I actually think that if England had come up against either of them in the knock-out stages that we would have been knocked out.

Algeria had some really good technical players and to a point so did the United States. But mainly they displayed that team spirit, passion and togetherness which can take you a long way.

For me, looking at England’s performances in the group stages that we just seemed to be lacking a bit in that department for me.

We will see what the final stages of the competition brings. It’s certainly been a compelling one and hopefully it can finish how it has started with lots of goals and entertaining football.

They would be fantastic and enable many people to justifiably say that it has been one of the greatest World Cups ever.

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