Leeds United: Life goes on with or without McCormack - Ormsby

Ross McCormack takes on Brighton's Ashley Barnes.
Ross McCormack takes on Brighton's Ashley Barnes.
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Leeds United legend Brendan Ormsby answers your questions.

Brendan. I see there’s been some speculation about Ross McCormack’s future. How important is he to Leeds?

I HAVE to be honest, no player is bigger than one club. As much as what Ross has given to the club since he has been here, no-one is irreplaceable.

Look at when Jermaine Beckford went and Luciano Becchio stepped up to the plate and took over as the main man up front and in the past, plenty of other good players have gone and been replaced.

Ross is important, obviously, but if he goes, he goes. You have to trust the manager if he moves him on. Not to say that he will.

Managers live and die by who they bring in. If his signings come in and do the business, then he’s brilliant and his signings are great. If they don’t and things back-fire, then people may think: ‘We shouldn’t have let x go or y go’ and ‘why have we brought so-and-so in?’ It’s all ifs and buts.

Players go and others come in to take their mantle. That’s football.

Teams don’t collapse when one player goes.

Playing for clubs and moving on is part and parcel of being a professional footballer.

The main thing is that if Brian is thinking about letting go of Ross – and who’s to say he is – the main thing is having someone to replace him. We’ll have to wait and see.

Ross is a nice lad, good player and a good goalscorer. But you can’t say he is the be-all and end-all either.

Obviously, Brian McDermott, as well as bringing in Luke Murphy and Noel Hunt, has been working to get a few players out and obviously Steve Morison is now back at Millwall.

I know people said he wasn’t over an injury when he came here and was still injured.

But he didn’t look injured to me.

Morison is a southerner and he’s gone to his first professional club Millwall on loan and you would expect him to be happy with that.

I have got to say, I do not think he will be missed as he has never really contributed in the time that he has been at the club. I don’t think many people could say he has, to be honest.

Hopefully, Matt Smith will come in and do the targetman job Morison did and we’ve got Hunt as well.

But looking at things, fans aren’t bothered who is the team as long as we are winning. They won’t be bothered if Morison/McCormack or whoever has gone.

All fans are worried about is how the present team are doing.

Results, goals and winning games are the be-all and end-all and all that matters.

People aren’t fussed about how has gone the No 9 shirt on; as long as that No 9 is scoring goals, it does not matter who is wearing the shirt.

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