Leeds United letters special: Jonny’s sale was heartbreaking

BIG MISS: Former Leeds United skipper Jonny Howson.
BIG MISS: Former Leeds United skipper Jonny Howson.
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The YEP mailbag has been bulging on one mainn issue - the sale of Jonny Howson to Norwich City. Here is what you have had to say.

I Just wanted to write and voice my current concerns with the current state of affairs with Leeds United.

The selling of Jonny Howson, was, in my eyes (as well as the majority of fans), surely one of the biggest low points in the club’s history.

How can we not manage to offer our club captain, Leeds born and bred, a new contract that meets his requirements? How haven’t we learnt from past dealings with Beckford, Johnson, Gradel?

We are in a division now where it is vital we tie these players down to help us win promotion to the Premier League.

We should be building our team around Howson, not selling him off. What are the club’s current ambitions? Ken Bates has clearly stated we need Premier League football next season, but how is this going to happen now that Howson has gone? This sale will probably be followed up with the sales of Lees, Snodgrass, Clayton and McCormack.

I’ve supported this club since 1995, my first season was Howard Wilkinson’s last full season. I’ve been through the ups and downs and really thought we were pulling through after promotion from League One and our first successful season back in the Championship.

My passion for the club is slowly being drained out of me. I was really up for renewing my season ticket next year as I love this club so much. However, the Howson news is like a stab in the heart. We show no ambition any more. We are in a stale position and it really upsets me.

ANDREW WOOD, via email


Last week my season ticket renewal arrived. I had already decided to reserve judgement on whether or not after 25 years to continue my allegiance to the club.

I was hoping, using the Max Gradel money, that Leeds would bring in the three quality players that we have been crying out for. A right-back, a centre-half and central midfielder. And then we agreed to sell Jonny Howson to Norwich. My mind was made up.

While I have no problem selling a player whose contract expires in the summer, I do find it hard to accept that the club captain and ‘local hero’ has decided that Leeds cannot match his ambition – ie, he thinks we are not good enough to go up this season.

He is probably right, but to throw the towel in at this stage gives out all the wrong signals to the rest of the team and the long-suffering fans.

The club has admitted themselves that they have made a profit over the last few years. Why not invest more of that money into the team rather than throw it at the corporate facilities in the ghostly quiet East Stand Upper?

Simon Grayson is not without blame. What budget he had has been frittered away on mediocre signings and a string of sub-standard loan gambles. How he must wish he’d gone for quality rather than quantity.

I will miss watching my beloved Leeds United next season but the current regime has broken my heart.

Boston Spa White, via email


After a brief glimpse of a possibility of a return to the Premiership, it now looks certain to be back to the usual dogfight in the relegation zone (without I fear a ball-winner in midfield).

This club Leeds United and Ken Bates have absolutely no ambition whatsoever. Every player wants to play in the Premiership and there is no doubt in my mind that Jonny Howson would have preferred to play there with Leeds. Leeds should have brought in a combative midfielder to complement Howson and not to let one of the most promising players in this club go to our ‘mother club’ Norwich.

This club charges Premiership prices and pays its players close to non-league wages. And that is the very same reason that Snodgrass, Lees, White, Clayton and others will soon follow suit.

And this is also the reason why the only players Leeds ever bring in are freebies and loans. Whatever we receive for outgoing players seems unlikely to be invested back into the team.

I hate January.

JAMES DOUGLAS, via email

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