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Max Gradel.
Max Gradel.
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Leeds United legend Brendan Ormsby answers your questions.

There is talk of Max Gradel coming back to Leeds in January from St Etienne, would it be a good move bringing him back to Elland Road?

It’s a very interesting debate as to whether Max should come back to be honest.

He’s a good player Max, don’t get me wrong. And if you are going to play Matt Smith up front then Smith needs service from the wings.

He doesn’t win enough balls for me but all he is doing at the minute is getting service from the back and so then all he is doing is flicking balls on.

But if you are going to use Smith you have to get him into the box and just get people down the wings to put the ball in the box for him.

Then he’ll score goals as the goals I’ve seen him score have been when the ball is thrown into the box for him and he’s attacked it and scored.

I think he needs that type of service and I think if you can get someone like Gradel that might work.

Max is a winger and he’s quick and he’s skilful.

I’m just not sure as they always say never go back. I guess sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

And we’ve been here before as everyone has been going on over the last few months about Luciano Becchio coming back to Elland Road.

He was there a few years ago and was top scorer and when he left everyone said the goals were going to dry up. But they didn’t.

And it was the same when Jermaine Beckford left but Becchio came in and took his place and scored the goals.

It’s like when Beckford left there was talk of him coming back. It just doesn’t always work that way to bring people back.

I’m not saying it won’t work with Gradel but I’m just surprised in a way that they are going for him.

But at the end of the day he is a good player who will play on the wing and if we can get him on a decent deal then let’s take a chance and go for him.

The trouble is you don’t want to upset the balance and while they are not in a winning habit at the minute as they are not winning all of the time they are doing well.

And once you get into a rhythm and things are looking good you don’t want to upset it just for the sake of it.

If the players like where they are playing, they quite like the system and the style of play and the results are going well – if you bring someone else in and it upsets everything, the players in the team will say ‘why have you done that as we were doing okay?’

Brian McDermott has got to be careful what he does and how he does it but overall I don’t think it would be a bad move if he got Max.

But then again he has been playing with wing-backs so if he brings Max in that would knock that system out of the window anyway.

Let’s have an unbeaten Christmas

Hi Brendan, it’s four days until Christmas so who or what is top of your Leeds United Christmas wish-list?

Top of my Christmas wish-list would obviously be to go through the Christmas period unbeaten. But if we are talking about a certain player I’m not sure because we are relying on Ross McCormack, above, a lot these days.

If he gets an injury – even though Matt Smith will chip in with the odd goal – then we could be struggling.

It would be ideal if Brian McDermott could find top class striker but if he finds a top class striker then somebody else is going to be after him as well!

But my main wish would be to go through the Christmas period unbeaten because there are few games coming up – Barnsley, Blackpool, Nottingham Forest and Blackburn – and I think after Christmas and the new year the league will start taking shape with where teams are. If we can stay in the top six and maybe push one or two places higher then it will look good for the run-in for the last two or three months of the season.

Samuel Saiz.

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