Leeds United: Let’s make a big example of thugs - Ormsby

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Leeds United legend Brendan Ormsby answers your questions.

Hi Brendan. I know the club are saying that Aaron Cawley should have got a longer jail sentence, but what about the ones who patted him on the back when he got back into the stand, they were bang out of order. That was a disgrace, surely something should be done about them.

Ian Stevens, Wakefield

I agree, what they did was a total disgrace and I can understand people writing letters saying so and it was bad, although technically speaking, they didn’t do anything wrong in terms of a crime.

In terms of the bloke who attacked Chris Kirkland, I do agree that the sentence should have been longer and he will probably be out before Christmas anyway.

I would have given him 12 months and would make sure he would serve that time.

Something also has got to be done so that when these people do get banned, there is no way whatsoever that they can get back into a football match.

There are so many cameras at football grounds now you should be able to ensure that happens.

When the lad had come onto pitch and did what he did, when he ran back into the stand – although I don’t think he did it on purpose – he looked at a camera and smiled. They had got him on camera and subsequently knew who he was and with all the cameras now, there’s always a good chance you are going to catch people.

Normally when people run onto the pitch, it’s for some disruption. But this was different and the players think: ‘We could get hit here.’ But you can’t stop every fan getting onto the pitch, unless you cordon off the whole pitch and unfortunately it’s just a tiny minority.

Let’s face it, Leeds have have always had a bad name with many; we’ve known that over the years. But for Dave Jones to class all the Leeds supporters in the same bracket last week was wrong as well.

You do get hostile atmospheres and I don’t mind that. But what happened with the guy coming on and hitting Kirkland was bang out of order.

I know sometimes when players go down, you think they are taking the mick, but you couldn’t say that about what happened to Kirkland. It’s like when anyone goes to their workplace, there’s no way you should be hit when you are doing their job and that is a basic right.

That bloke could have blinded him, broken his jaw or anything. Even pulled a knife out if it was well concealed. I know it’s all ifs and buts, but he could have done anything he wanted to.

As for some of this talk of fences coming back up, I honestly don’t think it will ever come to that after what happened at Hillsborough in 1989. Fences would be a backward step and I just cannot see it happening.

Thankfully, 99 per cent of fans maybe don’t think about going onto the pitch.

But you always get the one per cent of morons who want to get their names in the papers and if it means a few weeks in prison, they aren’t bothered.

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