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Neil Warnock.
Neil Warnock.
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Leeds United legend Brendan Ormsby answers your questions.

Hi Brendan, What is your view on Neil Warnock’s position for he said he would be leaving if we didn’t get in the play-offs, then there’s this stuff about him saying he is happy to stay on for the rest of the season?

I HAVE to admit that I can’t understand Neil’s position either.

Neil, pictured, basically said to the owners: “Don’t panic, I will help you find a new manager”, which seems really strange and I have never heard that before in football.

It’s usually a case of managers just saying: “give me my pay-off and I’m off – go and sort your own club out.”

Finding a new manager is the owners’ problem, not Neil’s. He might pick someone totally different to whom they want.

It’s a tough time again for our fans, who are upset because of talk that the club might be sold once more.

Regarding the managerial issue, the United owners need to make a decision and tell the fans what they are doing.

The supporters just want the owners to get the new man in, give him a two or three-year contract and let him get on with it.

Two bosses a season should be the limit

Hi Brendan, With all these managerial departures, I have a solution, if clubs have more than two managerial sackings in a season they should be docked points, what do you think?

That is not a bad idea, come to think of it.

I do believe that at the start of a season, a manager should be there for the whole of the campaign.

I also believe it should be the same with players and the window to change players and managers should be between the end of one season and the start of the next.

Everyone would be in the same boat then and have to cope with injuries and suspensions and more kids may get a chance as well.

It would, in the process, provide a real test of a manager’s skills.

for managers wanting to stay long term at a club, I think they should be given that time.

All the time, you see boards come out and say: “We have got the right man, blah blah blah” and then they get sacked a few months later as was the case with Michael Appleton and Henning Berg at Blackburn Rovers.

The merry-go-round in management is a joke.

Don’t forget when all these managers are dispensed with, it costs the clubs serious money.

It is not just him who has to be paid off, but all his backroom staff and that can lead to financial pressures at clubs, who are effectively paying fans’ money to pay off managers.

Then, of course, you have to bring a new lot in and pay them.

Sometimes, when you are a billionaire like Roman Abramovich, it does not matter as he has that money to spend.

However, I dread to think how much money he has spent in sacking managers over the years that he has been in charge at Chelsea.

Blackburn, including caretaker-managers, have had something like five in charge this season, which is crazy.

It makes them look a laughing stock, with the way in which their Indian owners are panicking.

In our game at the moment there are a lot of foreign owners and many of them don’t understand football here. They are business people, not football people and if a club are struggling and have some bad results they just sack the manager and think that it is the answer to everything.

Sometimes, it might work in the short term as players raise their game to impress the new man. But it usually doesn’t last.

If clubs are allowed only two managerial changes in a season, docking points for a third isn’t a bad suggestion and I think it would work as well.

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