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I do think the Ipswich Town game could be a massive turning point in our season as we got a few breaks when we needed them and that should give the players the confidence that has been lacking a little bit at home.

I know some fans were unhappy on Saturday, but at the end of the day we’re all Leeds fans and want the club to be successful and we’ve all got to get behind the team.

I was speaking to a couple of the players on Monday night at Lorimer’s Bar and they are aware of an ‘atmosphere’ among the crowd. I don’t think that should be happening in matches; we all want the team to win and we can do our part by cheering them on.

Leeds are a great crowd and I fully understand that fans are desperate to get back in the ‘big league’, especially after sampling the cup games against the Manchester Uniteds and Arsenals relatively recently. Those were special games and we all want to get back to the Premier League.

I know the expectations of the fans – and that they want it now – but there are plenty of other teams in this league who want it as well. Look at the money some teams have chucked at it. And how many of them are actually doing well? Ipswich are a case in point, and Leicester City. Spending loads of money doesn’t guarantee you anything.

I would say to the fans we are making progress all the time. What will get us promotion is if we all stay together and get behind the team and the team responds.

The transfer window closes on Tuesday night and it’s always a hard time because everyone’s out there looking for quality players and there are not all that many available at this stage of the season.

I know people are working all the hours they can to try and get things sorted out and hopefully we’ll come up with something before the window closes.

In terms of dealing with the Premiership clubs, it’s not always straightforward as a lot of them are concerned about their position as well. They don’t want to be leaving themselves short.

We’ve obviously got Fabian Delph and Robbie Rogers in already, and I’m sure we’ll be looking to add more before the deadline.

Saturday was a very vital win in terms of keeping us in the ball game as regards the play-offs and so is the game on Tuesday night against Birmingham City.They are another of the clubs who are up there challenging for the play-offs and it’s another rival we have the chance to do something against.


During the run-in, if you like, you need to beat the teams around you, especially at home. If we beat Birmingham, we’ll have a good chance to go into the top six on Tuesday and it’s there for us.

Looking at this league, you’re not surprised by any result really. For instance, Leicester went down to Southampton and won the other night and it wasn’t a massive shock as there’s such a lack of consistency.

When you hear the results on a Saturday, there are always a few surprises. Many teams are much of a muchness and all sides are capable of beating anyone on their given day.

Paul Heckingbottom.

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