Leeds United: Leeds’ lack of patience played right into Rotherham’s hands – Whelan

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SATURDAY’S game against Rotherham was there for Leeds to capitalise on and they didn’t.

I didn’t feel that they were patient enough, I didn’t feel like they commanded the tempo of the pace of the game and I feel like they played into Rotherham’s hands; playing the long-ball game. It’s great having that option but when you do it too many times you are only using one option and you are missing out talented players in the midfield area.

Lewis Cook, above, simply couldn't get into the game against Rotherham because he didn't see enough of the ball, according to Noel Whelan.

Lewis Cook, above, simply couldn't get into the game against Rotherham because he didn't see enough of the ball, according to Noel Whelan.

Lewis Cook never got into the game because he didn’t have enough of the ball and we weren’t patient enough. Against teams like that, it’s going to be difficult and it’s going to be a hard game to keep control of and in these sorts of games the first goal is crucial. You look at the talent that we had in the midfield areas and they couldn’t get into the game because they didn’t have enough of the ball. You’ve got to be brave in games like that and sometimes it does take 60 minutes but when we got the ball down on the deck and put five or six passes together we opened them up.

When it comes to a game of football and quality we have got players there that can outplay Rotherham but we didn’t do that. We just launched the ball towards Chris Wood, we rushed it, we weren’t patient and brave to take our time in opening gaps and finding the space and pulling them out of their positions.

Rotherham came with the plan of just hoof it, turn them and play on the second balls and it was one lapse in concentration where they got the goal. We didn’t close them down, we allowed them to get the cross in, we didn’t get close enough, they picked their man out, no one tracked the runner and it was a simple header into the goal. We had chances to win the game and really it was completely the opposite to Huddersfield and that’s the difference. When those chances come, you’ve got to take them. At Huddersfield we did and on Saturday we didn’t. And that’s what happens if you do create chances and don’t capitalise on them – you are always walking a tight rope. We created some fantastic chances but we weren’t clinical and ruthless enough.

With Gaetano Berardi’s sending off he’s reacted no different to what any human being would do. When someone elbows you in the face, it’s very difficult to keep your calm so I’ve got a lot of sympathy with him because it’s no different to how nine out of 10 people would react too.

I’ve got all the sympathy in the world with him for his reaction and I’m surprised he didn’t smack him in the face to be quite honest. Pushing him in the chest, as soon as you raise your arms to any opposition player, no matter what the circumstances you are leaving the referee really with no decision but to send him off.

I heard about Neil Redfearn not getting a car parking space but when you are talking about petty things like that it’s like schoolground tactics. If it’s true that Rotherham asked for one more space then I’m sure one extra car parking space isn’t going to cause too much destruction in the car park at Elland Road. It’s little things like that, that let the club down and we should be a club that welcomes people and especially people that have been at the club for a long time and who have put a lot of work into making Leeds United better.

And Neil has done that because the core of our team and the heartbeat of our team has been bolstered by him. There’s a lot to be thanking him for but he’s moved on to another club and we have got another manager so just get on with things and do things in the right manner.

We go to QPR on Saturday which is another massive, difficult game because QPR still have quality players in their team.

We’ve got to be really at it, we’ve got to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and work very, very hard on the training pitch to get everything right and a way of playing and a system that can go out there and beat a QPR side that, on their day, can beat most teams in the Championship.

The emergency loan window shuts on Thursday but I honestly don’t think we will get anyone in now. I think if something would have been done it would have been done during the international break.

I think now it’s a case of let’s see where we are at Christmas and if we need players in in January we get players in then.