Leeds United: Leeds can benefit if price right for Ross – Gray

Ross McCormack.
Ross McCormack.
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Leeds legend Eddie Gray has his say on all matters United

IF Ross McCormack leaves Leeds United it will be disappointing for everybody. But football is like that and players move on.

If Ross is determined to move then you can’t do much about it though Massimo Cellino has come out and said that he wants him to stay at the club. And, until these things are actually finalised, nobody knows.

Obviously you don’t want to lose your best players, like has happened to the club in the past, but that’s the nature of the game. If Ross wants to play for someone else or at a higher level or whatever, that’s up to him.

If he goes to Fulham who are in the same division it will be disappointing but money talks in football. And Ross will be thinking that it could be a good move. If he does move he will probably be better off financially and he can secure his future – that’s the way he’ll look at it.

But from the supporters’ point of view it would be disappointing losing your top player and there’s no doubt that Ross was our top player last season.

In terms of how much we could get for Ross, that depends on what worth you put on the player and the clubs that come in for him and what they see as his worth. But every player has his price and it’s no secret that our club aren’t in a great state financially. The president has put a lot of money into the club to keep it stable. So if you get the right offer then you’ve got to look at it. Ross is 27 and if we get an offer around this £10m mark that everyone is talking about then you would think they would have to consider it. From a business point of view, if you get that type of money for a player in the Championship then you are doing well and maybe some money will come back into the club. And if Ross stayed at the club and we never brought any players in then we wouldn’t be in contention next year as it would be like last season. If you lose a player and that means bringing stronger players in that are going to make you a stronger team – even though you are going to lose your strongest individual – then you’ve got to look at that situation, especially when you think of the finances as well. It also looks like Paddy Kenny is going to move on and Paddy has been a smashing keeper for the football club. I don’t know the situation with Paddy and his contract and the rest of it but it looks as if he will be moving on.

But these players that have been at the football club like Kenny and McCormack, if they do move then you’ve got to wish them all the best because they have done a good job for the football club and Kenny did a good job for the football club.

I’ve heard this stuff about him being born on the 17th and it’s correct that I was born on the 17th.

So was Muhammad Ali! But I’ve no worries about being born on the 17th and I can’t change that! And I’m not superstitious at all. In terms of players coming in, we have brought in Stuart Taylor who has not played many games but he is obviously coming in as an experienced goalkeeper.

Whether he’s going to be number one goalkeeper or not, time will tell, but I’ve read reports about us being linked with the Italian under-21 goalkeeper Marco Silvestri. We’ll wait and see if that materialises as well. We don’t know him in this country but the president and his football people know him and hopefully he will turn out to be a good goalkeeper for the club if he does come.

It’s getting quite near the start of the season now and it’s not that long away so it’s time the club got moving and it is.

They are obviously looking at players and by the same token players will be moving on but it will be interesting times seeing who comes to the football club. We might get a few Italian players and I don’t mind where the players come from, as long as they can play!

Internationally, the World Cup now enters its final week and I will still stick with Argentina but the closer it gets in these big games the stronger the Germans get.

They’ll be tough to beat and with Brazil having no Neymar and the captain suspended – that’s two big players missing for them.

Whether they will be strong enough to beat the Germans without them is doubtful.

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