'Rival supporters will take a lot of joy from watching': Leeds United fans react to documentary series release date

Leeds United fans
Leeds United fans
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Leeds United fans have reacted to the news that the 'Take Us Home: Leeds United' documentary series will air for the first time next month.

The six-part documentary captures exclusive footage from Marcelo Bielsa's debut season at Elland Road as they bidded to end their 15-year absence from the Premier League.

Avid Leeds fan Russell Crowe will narrate the highs and lows of the campaign, and it is Whites supporters who have swiftly shared their views on the series.

Here is just some of the Leeds fan reaction on Twitter:

@tonyhannan: Mixed feelings about this tbh, I would rather consign last year to the forgotten files, exciting yes overwhelmed by a disappointment that’s indescribable...and took a few months to shake off.

@Tonylufc28: Rival fans are gonna take a lot of joy from watching this.

@leahwallerx: To when we bottled promotion to the extreme. Can’t wait to relive it lads.

@Dom_Fletch89: Not sure my heart can take the ending again.

@BenjaminTlufc: If Russel Crowe doesn't Scream "Are you not entertained" after the West Brom game at home I'm gunna be disappointed lads.

@Damian_C46: Be a bit like watching the Titanic, when you know how the film is going to ultimately end..., I am sure as a Leeds fan, I will have to watch it, even though now at this moment I don't want to!!

@borislufc: Great watch for all football fans (except Leeds).

@JerichoKeys: Regardless of how the season ended. It's going to be fantastic seeing 'behind the scenes' footage of training and in the dressing room. And, what the lads are like off the pitch. It'll only amplify our passion for our club #lufc.

@paullufc1: Watch it back to front and we finish by beating Stoke at home.