Leeds United: When do Sky Sports announce the next batch of live fixtures?

Sky Sports.
Sky Sports.
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Sky Sports Leeds is what they call it in West Yorkshire.

The Whites have had a number of Championship fixtures selected for TV coverage so far including their opening day game against Stoke City at Elland Road on August 5 (4:30pm).

But when will Sky Sports make their selections for the next batch of fixtures?

Take a look below and make a note in your diary...

Selections for September 1 to September 29 by July 27.

Selections for October 3 to November 10 by August 24.

Selections for November 17 to December 8 by October 12.

Selections for December 15 to January 12 by November 9.

Selections for January 19 to February 2 by December 14.

Selections for February 9 to March 2 by January 4.

Selections for March 9 to March 30 by February 1.

Selections for April 6 and April 10 by March 1.

Selections for April 13 by March 8.

Selections for April 19 to April 22 by March 15.

Selections for April 27 by April 5.