Leeds United issue injury updates on Patrick Bamford, Izzy Brown, Barry Douglas and Pablo Hernandez

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Leeds United's Head of Medicine and Performance Rob Price has issued an update over Whites injured quartet Patrick Bamford, Izzy Brown, Barry Douglas and Pablo Hernandez.

Price, who was speaking to LUTV, gave updates over how each player was progressing at Thorp Arch following their injury problems.

Leeds United striker Patrick Bamford.

Leeds United striker Patrick Bamford.

On Patrick Bamford...

"Pat is now five weeks post injury. He went to see our consultant again last week and has been taken out of his brace so he's been able to progress his rehab quite nicely this week.

"We've got to rebuild his quad muscle that he lost whilst he was in the brace and we're now looking at his functional work outside but it's all good so far."

On Izzy Brown...

"He's making great progress. We're in good conversation and regular conversation with Chelsea about what we do with him and how we progress and so far everyone is happy.

"We're not putting any time on when he's going to be back playing. It all depends on how he gets through the functional stuff he has to work towards."

On Barry Douglas...

"Barry got injured in the Hull game. He's now progressed. He's outside and he's rehabbing with Reuben our rehab fitness coach.

"What we have to do with each injury, there's certain parameters that players have to meet before they get back into training before they progress.

"Barry is at the stage now where he's doing rehab outside but he's got to make some more parameters before he gets back in with the team and that will hopefully be over the next week or so."

On Pablo Hernandez...

"Re-injuries are always disappointing. Although it was a slightly different injury with Pablo it still kept him out for a long time.

"He's an experienced professional he knows his body, he knows where he's been and it's a lot easier for him. He knows the process, he's been through it before.

"Sometimes it's a little bit more difficult with younger players but Pablo was particularly good.

"The older players know where they're up to in their rehab anyway. Pablo felt he was ready to go back into training and he'd passed all the criteria to go back in but sometimes you get these occurrences.

"Obviously you try and keep them to a minimum but when you're trying to get players back promptly occasionally one will have a little setback."