Leeds United fans on Twitter: Constant state of negativity | 147,000 followers | Underdogs at home

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We round up what Leeds United fans are discussing on social media.

@LeeDeverell1989. Friday’s game has the Leeds v Brighton feel of last season, Massive. #LUFC.

@iRussells. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. #LUFC fans...the club’s best and worst asset. Some will never be happy and live in a constant state of negativity. #MOT #ALAW #lufc.

@DavidKershaw7. If you ever want to see how many Leeds fans use twitter just check out how many people follow @PhilHayYEP 147,000 people.

@LiamJamesLUFC. Love how #lufc fans call Radz (a multi millionaire) skint.

@Dirty_Leeds94. Only at Leeds could you be top of the table and apparently be underdogs at home, against a team that’s won 1 in their last 6 and who we made look awful in their own backyard. #LUFC

@orangina17. Dad has suggested Joe Hart might be a good shout for #lufc?

@DaveLUFCWatkins. A #lufc win v Derby puts us on 54 points from 27 games... that old 2 points a game rule says we’d go up if we can maintain that. So, for all the discussion, debate and worry, nothing lost yet! But it is a big game!

@LeedsUtdRyan. Marcelo Bielsa can work miracles with this Leeds United team as he’s shown this season but we still need a few more signings. #lufc #mot.