From Gary Neville to Stan Collymore - how the football world reacted to Leeds United's 'spygate' saga

Leeds United head coach Marcelo Bielsa.
Leeds United head coach Marcelo Bielsa.
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Leeds United's 'spygate' saga dominated the headlines ahead of the Whites 2-0 victory over Derby County on Friday evening - but what have the wider football world made of the incident?

You can read Marcelo Bielsa and Frank Lampard's thoughts here.

Take a look below at how people reacted...

Jermaine Jenas - BBC Radio 5Live

“If they didn’t get a points reduction I’d be surprised. How else do you lay down a marker for making it clear that this type of behaviour is not acceptable?

“Would a slap on the wrists be enough to make sure Bielsa doesn’t do that? I’m more inclined to think they will lean towards that first.”

Chris Sutton - BT Sport

"It's not worse than diving. Jermaine Jenas talked about them getting deducted points. Come on Jermaine! You're better than that."

Mauricio Pochettino - pre-match press conference

“I played for him, I learned a lot from him... I learned a lot, the good and the not so good. But look, there’s nothing wrong. I always try to find information and and to know a little bit more about what the opponent is doing.

“Thirty years ago it happened in Argentina, but not only Marcelo, all managers were like this… many many other names used to send people to watch the training sessions.”

Gary Neville - twitter

"Surely sending spies daily to climb fences/hide in bathrooms with windows overlooking the training pitch to watch England sessions and disclosing your own countries team and tactics would be worse. No?"

Michael Owen - twitter

"Can’t help but think people are getting slightly carried away with Bielsa sending somebody to watch an opponents training session. It’s been happening for years. While I accept it’s morally wrong, it’s hardly a criminal offence."

Martin Keown - Football Focus

"Not happy about it, obviously. The moral code of sport has been severely breached here. It's almost a Johnny English moment isn't it with boltcutters, binoculars and a ladder.

"We're 27 games into the season in the Championship. What is is that Bielsa doesn't know already about Derby County?

"Why does he need to have a spy there? It's ridiculous. It's overstepping the mark. I think Lampard has allowed it to maybe effect the group a little too much and that's his inexperience."

"They're role models. It wasn't breaking the law it was a public footpath but I think we all know in sport you don't need to really do that.

"I have lost a little bit of respect for him (Bielsa) I have to say."

Matt Upson - Football Focus

"I don't care much about the story.

"It's stuff about nothing. It's a guy trying to get the edge on an opponent. If Bielsa is comfortable with himself and morally about what he did and how he wants to win that game and get that kind of result that is entirely up to him.

"He's openly come out and explained it. Has he crossed a line? I think so. I think it is more an embarrassment to need to get that kind of detail on the game but I'm sure it won't effect the result massively.

Stan Collymore - twitter

"1. Every player/manager coming to England should receive information as to how the sporting culture works HERE. (Leeds fans, if an Aussie turned up at Headingley using bottle tops and sweets and more to affect a game, you wouldn't be happy)

"2. I've talked about English sporting culture before (Suarez "negro acceptable in Spain/LA). In many countries, cheating (for that is what it is) is a ln accepted part of life,so it's important that players/managers coking here adhere to 100+ yr old sport customs

"3. Pattern of play/team shape IS important. Those saying it's not are destroying their own argument. Why? Why have a spy there in the first place? Before both games.

"4. Bielsa. Great manager doing great things, but the cultural argument is frankly bollocks. He's a thorough man and would more than prepared himself for the idiosyncrasies of English sporting culture.

"5. Lampard. The fact that training were stopped and therefore a blatant disruption of preparation, for the authorities doing theur job properly should mean the result is null and void. It's inconceivable to imagine significant disruption didn't happen.

"6. For fans who think 5 is harsh, I'll point you to a simple fact. There's a reason why this doesn't happen every week at training grounds up and down the country. It's cheating. And cheating within FIFA law and sporting code should be dealt with.

"7. It doesn't matter who the two clubs are, put Villa v Liverpool in if you like. If ANY fan doesn't understand the premium around good preparation for a match and the gains potentially had by doing that in private, is condoning cheating. Whoever you support."

"Conclusion. Leeds should be sanctioned by the FA for unsporting behaviour and at a minimum be made to replay the fixture, a fine for Bielsa and club. Make as light of this as you like. It continues, we have major integrity competition integrity issues ahead.

"I'm also presuming Bielsa did this from day one of the season meaning at the START of the campaign where everyone is "equal" on ZERO points, there's an argument that Leeds used spying to gain unfair advantage. Which is why WE HAVE RULES and [sic] PROTOCOLS."

Keith Andrews - Sky Sports

"It's madness. Initially there's a bit of comical value to it, you think someone is skulking around the opposition training ground and then you start thinking a little bit more in depth and I think it's quite disgusting really.

"It's not the way things are done over here. It's not illegal but it's immoral, it's not within the spirit of the game in the way it's played over here and I don't really think he gives a damn.

"If it's gone on in different countries... that's not the country he's managing in right now. He absolutely has to change.

"He's had a lot of plaudits this year. A lot of people talking him up big time in terms of what he has produced with a similar set of players that were here last year.

"He's had lots and lots of praise and he has to take this one on the chin. He doesn't give much away in interviews but I don't think he gives a damn to be honest."

Charlie Nicolas - Sky Sports

"I take it that it's not sportsmanlike but any angle you can take in the modern day game.

"Are you telling me Frank Lampard in the past, with team-mates in the opposition, that they don't find out who's in and who's out? What's the dramatic difference?

"If someone is suspiciously hanging around the training ground, it happened a lot in my day. It's just something you expect.

"Now the modern way is everything has to be professional - well it's all about results.

"You might not like it, it might not suit you, and I have to acknowledge Frank Lampard. After the match he gave no excuses, the best team won and it's something else to talk about."

Gary Taylor-Fletcher - twitter

"Nothing new this spygate lark. I remember a certain game for Lincoln away against Huddersfield before I signed there. Big Keith was giving his halftime talk and one of the polystyrene tiles cracked and fell down. The sight of Brooky the Kitman trying to back up was hilarious."

Jonathan Walters - twitter

"Fair play to Bielsa for not trying to hide what he’s done. I know of worse that has happened for and against! Let’s not pretend it doesn’t go on!"

Paul Gascoigne - twitter

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