David Prutton: Leeds United are armed with right tools for the job

Kemar Roofe celebrates Leeds United's controversial leveller against Nottingham Forest.
Kemar Roofe celebrates Leeds United's controversial leveller against Nottingham Forest.
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We get all the angles as quickly as possible of something like Kemar Roofe’s goal in Leeds United’s 1-1 draw with Nottingham Forest.

But even on the first angle you can see the way that Roofe’s body goes into the ball and the way that people like Michael Dawson react. Dawson was absolutely fuming.

Kemar Roofe celebrates Leeds United's controversial leveller against Nottingham Forest.

Kemar Roofe celebrates Leeds United's controversial leveller against Nottingham Forest.

Fair play to Kemar for coming out and saying that he had handballed. He’s a sharp lad. But we have got that many things to be able to look at it so he can’t really say anything other than ‘yes, it hit my hand’. To say anything other than that would have been ridiculous.

But in terms of the goal, it was a split-second reaction and it was ‘needs must’.

I am not advocating doing it in a way as that would be continually unsportsmanlike but it was a natural reaction which garnered a goal which could be crucial.

If you are a Forest fan it’s ultimate frustration but I thought a draw was probably a fair result.

Obviously it was slightly naughty the way the point came about and Forest’s fans won’t be happy about it at all but, on the balance of play, I thought a draw was probably right.

VAR would sort it out completely and that is the answer to it but until VAR is available across the board at the level of football we’re talking about then things like that will happen.

It’s human error, the officials will look at it and realise what has happened and it’s tough. It’s also that fine line between what is deemed as doing anything to win and cheating.

But the ball has hit Kemar’s arm and gone in and he has got away with it and if you are a Leeds fan you are probably chuckling to yourself that you have managed to avoid defeat and pick up a point.

If you are a Forest fan, you are absolutely raging and quite rightly so. But these thing happen in football.

It leaves a bit of a sour taste but Leeds have had a break there. Maybe these things even themselves out over the course of the season.

Leeds obviously lost Luke Ayling to injury against Forest which meant Stuart Dallas playing there and Dallas has played left-back as well.

The relative experience that he has got within that team means that from a football point of view I can understand why Marcelo Bielsa uses him in those situations.

I don’t really know as a winger how he feels about it but if it means getting into the side at full-back then so be it.

But Ayling will now be out for two months and he was certainly missed in the second half of last season.

He brings energy and he is a player that has had his overall consistency and output elevated by working under Bielsa so far, so I think they will miss him. Gaetano Berardi is also going to be missed which is a big turn around because last season he was hit and miss at times. But if it is Dallas that deputises for him, even within the course of games when Leeds have had to move players around or switch formations, the couple of times I have seen Gjanni Alioski drop back into full-back, for example, I have been impressed.

He gets into really good positions and he puts decent balls into the box, almost better than he does when he is playing as a winger.

I think that goes to show that there is an element of adaptability throughout the squad and as we have seen before, maybe Ayling being out gives a chance for one of the ‘young pups’ to come in and stake their claim. I am sure there will be a whole raft of kids at Leeds chomping at the bit to try and get involved with what the first team is doing because it’s just a bouncy atmosphere at this moment in time.

This will be a test of Marcelo’s managerial abilities but he has been in the game decades and he will have come across times when he has had to manage without key players and it springs the door open for someone else to come in and show what they can do and stake a claim.

I think it can be good for the team if there is that young and youthful energy that we have seen. Kalvin Phillips was one who stands out who has now established himself as a player that Bielsa has a lot of respect for.

He’s an example, as we have always seen at Leeds, of a young player who can come in and ‘do a job’.

Leeds next go to a Wigan side on Sunday who have got the best home record in the division and it’s a funny one because it’s not like you go there and it’s packed.

The DW Stadium is not a noisy place that intimidates you but it’s a unique set of circumstances that Wigan have managed to maximise to their best effect.

It will be tough and every time that I have seen Paul Cook’s team this year, barring the odd aberration, they have been tough to beat and they have given the opposition a game.

Nick Powell is a big part of how they play and that is someone for Leeds to be wary of. But if we are talking about Leeds as promotion contenders in a field that is very congested then this is the kind of game that they have got to go and get three points from or, at the very least, don’t lose.

I think they have got to go there with full confidence but it’s another set of circumstances where perhaps they would be favourites at full strength.

With the squad they have got, they can still do a decent job.