Bielsa Rhapsody: Leeds United fans record hilarious Queen tribute to Marcelo Bielsa

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It doesn't take genius to realise Leeds United fans are falling in love with their very own Argentinian, Marcelo Bielsa.

Bielsa has been a revelation since joining The Whites in the summer, guiding them to an unbeaten start and transforming them into the early pace setters at the top of the Championship.

Marcelo Bielsa was appointed as Leeds boss in the summer

Marcelo Bielsa was appointed as Leeds boss in the summer

The Elland Road faithful are in dreamland at the moment and who can blame them? Should their run continue, they'll be back where they belong again - in the Premier League.

Chants from stands so far, have been simple, but effective - 'Marcelo Bielsa' in tune to Seven Nations Army by the The White Stripes.

But now, courtesy of Phat Chats, a biweekly podcast celebrating the art of football chants down the leagues and down the years, Bielsa has been awarded his own three minute song.

What is it called?

Leeds United fans are falling in love with Marcelo Bielsa

Leeds United fans are falling in love with Marcelo Bielsa

Bielsa Rhapsody. Amazing? I know.

Since 1975, Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody has dominated our music stations but now we might just have a new favourite.

And who knows, maybe in another 43 years, Bielsa Rhapsody will be stealing the limelight...

Watch the lads at Proper Sport sing their hearts out for Bielsa. Don't be shy to sing along with the lyrics we've provided below!

Lyrics to 'Bielsa Rhapsody' (Micky P Kerr):

Open your eyes, look up to the skies, we're Leeds

I'm just Leeds fans from a Leeds family

Cause it's easy come, Marcelo, Heckingbottom had to go

Take us where the wins go cause it really matters, we're Leeds, we're Leeds

Too late, 15 years have gone

Sent shivers done my spine, playing League One all the time

Goodbye Championship, we've got to go

We've got to leave you all behind, we're taking Roofe

Marcelo. oooooooh

Pre-season was s****e

I sometimes never wish I'd been to Borneo

We're Leeds, Leeds, Leeds, Leeds, Leeds

I see little Heckingbottom on the bench

F**k him off, F*** because it's only f*****g Barnsley

Thunderbolts and lightning, this football is frightening

Oh Marcelo, (oh Marcelo)

Oh Marcelo (oh Marcelo)

Bielsa's here, and the devil built a side for Leeds

For Leeds, for Leeds, for Leeds...

So you think you can come here and change my life?

So you think I can love you more than my wife?

Woah Bielsea, just you listen Bielsa.

Just gotta get out, just gotta get right out of this league.

We are f*****g Leeds, we are f*****g

We are Leeds.

Leeds United matters, anyone can see.

Leeds United matters, Leeds United matters to me.