Leeds United: It’s up to Danny to take his chance - Ormsby

Danny Pugh.
Danny Pugh.
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Leeds United legend Brendan Ormsby answers your questions.

Hi Brendan, do you think Danny Pugh can turn a corner and fully resurrect his Leeds career after his recent run in the first team?

I’ve got to be honest, sometimes when people have spoken about Danny in the past year, I’ve often had to wonder if he is still at the club.

When he’s played, for me he’s not one who has stood out, although he has done a job. He’s not someone who catches your eye, like for instance in the way Alex Mowatt is playing. Everything is going well for him, good luck to him.

When the likes of Alex and one or two others in the team have a poor game, you immediately spot it.

For me, with Danny, at the moment he’s the sort who doesn’t stand out either way. He hasn’t been great; he hasn’t been poor.

The good thing is that manager Brian McDermott has not isolated players and that’s a good thing. When you are a first-team squad player, it can be a nightmare if you are bombed out and training with the kids or reserves. Especially when you have been used to first-team football and aren’t a kid anymore.

It can be very hard at a big club like Leeds when it’s like that.

Often, when you are out of the picture, you train in the morning and afternoon, often when the first team have gone home.

It’s hard for an experienced pro – to see the first-teamers having gone home or driving home.

When it’s like that, you have to be strong as a player. It can really hit you; you can either think: ‘Sod this’ or, on the other hand say: ‘Right, I’ll show you how good I am; if it doesn’t work here, I will keep my fitness up, play whatever game I am put in, whether it’s reserves or behind-closed-doors.’

It’s all about loving football and wanting to play and hopefully getting back into the first team or going out on loan and getting another club.

Fair play for Danny, he’s kept his head down and got on with it and now he’s having a little run in the team.

He is a utility player and that can work in his favour. To be fair, in the last few games, Danny has done a good job for the team, even though there might be better players in the first team.

Looking at it on the left, Stephen Warnock is probably the main man there and Danny is the second.

To be honest, Brian has kept him involved and not bombed him out and that’s been good for Danny and his spirits haven’t dropped too much.

Now, it’s really up to Danny himself.

He’s in the team and it’s about him playing well and making it hard for the manager to drop him from the team.

The match fixers must be banned

Brendan, I know you have had experience of the non-leagues – are you surprised with all this news about alleged match-fixing?

You heard about things like this happening years and years ago and now it has flared up again, which is sad. I just don’t know how, as a player, you can do it. You let down your manager and your team-mates.

I can’t stand it – or any forms of cheating. You look at what happened with the cyclist (Lance Armstrong, above) also and the sprinters in the Oympics. They should just be banned and those caught fixing matches should be banned from football as well. Maybe a life ban is going a bit too far, but I’d ban them for a good four or five years.

Many players go through a lot of pain and injuries and sacrifices to play sport and give all their willpower and then you get stories like this, it’s not on.

It’s just cheating. Like all the stuff with the steroids, which takes all the glory away. It’s only when it is found out, that it is brought to public life.

Those found guilty deserve to be banned severely.

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