Leeds United: It’s the Premier place to be... - Ormsby

FANS-TASTIC: United supporters turn out in force home and away and would be welcome in the top-flight.
FANS-TASTIC: United supporters turn out in force home and away and would be welcome in the top-flight.
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Leeds United legend Brendan Ormsby answers your questions.

Hi Brendan. I see the next Premier League TV deal is something like £3billion! If ever there was a time for us to speculate to accumulate, it’s now. The Premier League is the only place to be.

G Walton, Adel

I WOULD agree with that and it’s been going that way for a few years now; pretty much ever since Sky pumped the money in all those years ago right back to the early nineties really.

I hear all this rubbish about football being ‘one big family’ from the likes of the Premier League and Football League – and even the wider world of football run by Fifa.

No chance, they all get what they can out of it for themselves...And here in England, it’s the Premier League well and truly at the top. All the money is in the Premier League for me. Just look at the wages. It’s outrageous!


The only place players want to play football, in terms of the money situation, is in the Premiership as you get rewarded. Even if a team goes up and gets relegated straightaway, there’s then the parachute payments, it’s as if you get rewarded for failure. It’s not a bad life.

Certainly, it’s an elite life if you stay in the Premiership and a case of ‘them and us’. The Premier League for me cut themselves off.

For all that, Leeds desperately need to get there sooner rather than later. Apart from the likes of Manchester United, they will get the biggest crowds week in, week out and I think every club in that division wants Leeds to go up as obviously, they pack out grounds home and away. The fans will always be there.

Although in terms of getting to the Premier League again, it’s a case of easier said than done. You’ve got to be good enough to get there. No-one is going to give it to you on a plate, you’ve got to earn the right to get there.

For Leeds, it’s a case of will the chairman be bold enough to spend a bit of money to maybe get there. Obviously if you do that, the rewards are there for everyone to see. We all know given Neil Warnock’s record of getting promotions that he will know exactly what sort of players he needs to get him out of this division to the one above. Then it will be a case of getting the right players to keep us in there.

Unfortunately, for most of the players now, it’s just all about the Premier League. And some of them still moan about things. Why moan about it, they are playing football, it’s not the real world.

You hear all these stories about all this money filtering down to grassroots, but I don’t think it really does, to be honest.

Look at Fabrice Muamba when he had his heart attack. He was at a Premier League club with all the doctors there and the defibrillators. I don’t think that would have happened in the lower leagues and he’d have probably died as the facilities wouldn’t have been there as those clubs can’t afford them. When you think how much a defibrillator costs – I think it’s something like £1,500 – it’s not exactly much for a life...

There’s all this money going into the Premiership with the TV rights cash – and even more now – and to think some clubs lower down can’t afford medical equipment just highlights the gulf.

Some of these top, top players will be on wages like £250,000 a week. It’s outrageous, it really is.

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