Leeds United: It’s high time we stuck by a manager at United – Ritchie

Steve Evans.
Steve Evans.
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WHAT is going on behind the scenes at Leeds United has got to be impacting upon the players and with this possible new ban for the owner, people are probably talking about that more than what is going on in regards to things on the pitch.

If players are not talking about Massimo Cellino having another ban, they are probably talking about him sacking another manager. It is all a bit of a circus, we keep talking about it in this column, but what more can we do?

As for players maybe thinking: ‘Well, a manager here won’t last that long’ and try and hide under that, they should not be thinking that way, for me. Maybe one or two will, though.

It is difficult for players. Obviously, Uwe Rosler had so many months at the club trying to instil what he wanted into the players and then a new manager comes in.

Managers have different views and ways of wanting to play and Steve Evans will have. It is difficult for players; one week, they may be told to play it out from the back and the next week, it could be a case of ‘don’t do’.

After three games, Steve is still without a win. You do feel for him in his situation. But at the end of the day, he wanted the job here too.

He knew what he was coming into when taking the job. He will know that he has got to get it right quickly with Massimo Cellino in charge.

You have a bit of sympathy for Steve in that he did not know about this new ban for the owner coming up. But Steve is experienced enough to take things on the chin. He has just got to get on with it and work things out with the players.

Leeds players got plenty of stick from fans following the Blackburn game on Thursday night, which was understandable. But what I will say is that I don’t think any player goes out on the pitch not to try.

The situation that Leeds find themselves in, the players would be forgiven for (not) having a semblance of what they are really supposed to be doing. That said, there is no excuse for not running your socks off in every single game. Sometimes, the fans think they don’t see that happening.

For whatever reason – and there are several – it is just not happening for Leeds. Not just in football, but in other professions, people want stability and that military regulation.

In football, it’s a case of this is the way we play and what we do within that system.

If the way you play changes every two months, then you can’t get things settled and you basically you usually don’t get results consistently.

The Blackburn performance was poor. For a new manager coming in, it is difficult in terms of whether to rip into the players in the dressing room at half-time or after the full-time whistle and the confidence of the Leeds players will be especially fragile at the minute.

There’s a time for doing it, otherwise it loses its effect for me. You have to be very, very careful as a manager to pick your times when you do have a real pop.

Sometimes, you have to be philosophical about certain results and respond in an easier and technical way. If you get a rollicking every three minutes about what you are doing, you will turn off. Confidence is low at Leeds at the minute and it will take some work to get it back. A draw, say when you are losing 3-1 and draw 3-3 or a narrow win against a top club might just help Leeds. They won at Derby earlier this season and beat the likes of Bournemouth last year too.

It might just be something like that gets Leeds going again. But at the minute, the consistency level is just not happening.

It’s tough for the fans, it goes without saying I feel for them and I have said it many times before. Leeds are the biggest club outside the Premier League.

The biggest thing for me is that they have simply got to keep a manager for a while and finally let someone have a good run at it.

I am not talking about six months, but a season.

If he doesn’t get it right, then fine – look at someone else. Consistency in players comes from them knowing the way to play and the system and to know what they are doing.