Leeds United: It has been a poor run but Leeds need to end campaign on a high - Eddie Gray

Kalvin Phillips
Kalvin Phillips
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LEEDS were pretty poor against Cardiff on Saturday.

They never really got going and the only highlight for me was the young boy, Kalvin Phillips, scoring on his home debut. That was about it.

Other than that it was pretty average. We never really played and we made too many errors all over the pitch. Defensively and in midfield we never started and consequently up front, the boys never really had any chances and they weren’t in the game. It was just disappointing.

That’s three in a row we’ve lost now, but through that period when we were getting results I don’t think we were playing scintillating football all the time.

We were digging in and getting results but even four or five weeks ago, in my mind, I still felt we needed four or five players if were going to mount a serious challenge.

That’s still not changed. The team were hoping to bounce back after a disappointing Easter period with the two defeats to Blackburn Rovers and Wolverhampton Wanderers.

The Wolves game was a spirited performance, but at no stage could you say we deserved to win the game. At one time it looked like they were going to score five or six and Wolverhampton brought about their downfall as far as conceding goals against us. On Saturday we did the same thing.

We were pretty slack at the back, we were making basic errors and Cardiff had the best chances in the game. We had the Phillips goal and Billy Sharp’s header that grazed the top of the bar but that was about it and their goalkeeper never really had a save to make.

But they had a few clear-cut chances from basic errors that we made and that’s something that Neil Redfearn mentioned after the game.

Neil had a go at them at half-time which was understandable. But after about a minute of the second half, the game just petered out and I think people were fed up when the assistant put up five minutes added time. It never looked as if those five minutes would bring us a goal.

It’s disappointing when you hear your team being booed off as the players are trying their best. But it was a bad performance, it’s quite simple, it wasn’t good enough. And if you accept the plaudits when things are going well and you are getting results then you’ve got to accept the criticism.

It’s amazing how these stats come back to haunt you and we just cannot beat Cardiff.

When I came down here in the early 60s, Cardiff and Leeds had met three times in the FA Cup – ’59, ’60 and ’61 and Cardiff had beat them three times – at Elland Road. They’ve just been a bogey side for us but I must say I thought Cardiff were pretty average and they looked prone to an error at the back. But we were making too many simple mistakes – giving the ball away easily, simple passes where we weren’t concentrating and so on.

Neil now has four games left on his contract and people are asking questions. But nobody knows until the owner comes back and lets people know what’s going to happen and Neil is exactly the same. He’s in the same boat as everybody else.

I haven’t got a clue what’s going to happen but the one thing Neil will want to do is finish the season well as these last few results have just put a dampener on what was a good run. We’ve got a tough game at home to Norwich City on Tuesday followed by difficult away games in Charlton Athletic and Sheffield Wednesday and we’ve got to try and get a reasonable finish to the season. If we can end about half way up the table, that would be about where we deserve to be.

But that’s only if we win the games and we’re in the bottom half now.

It will be interesting to see what Neil does with regards to his team against Norwich but he doesn’t seem to have that many options just now. We’re missing Lewis Cook and I saw him on Saturday night but he still had his boot on his leg so I don’t imagine he will play.

In his absence, Phillips has done okay and I was just delighted he scored the goal though the midfield never really got in the game and it wasn’t a great game for the boy to shine in.

He’s played two games now and we’ve lost them both, that’s nothing to do with the boy whatsoever.