Leeds United: Home wins pivotal to Darko task with Leeds – Gray

Leeds United head coach Darko Milanic.
Leeds United head coach Darko Milanic.
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We WERE well beaten at Brentford on Saturday.

We were never really in the game and we never got to grips with them from the start.

I thought they played well Brentford – they played some good football – and we struggled to cope.

They passed the ball quickly and right from the start of the game we just looked a bit uncomfortable.

If it wasn’t for our goalkeeper Marco Silvestri it could have been a heavier defeat and it was disappointing.

It was a hard start for the new head coach Darko Milanic as he’s come into English football and he doesn’t really know the league and he doesn’t really know the players.

You’ve got to give him time but the one thing that I thought would be in his favour was that he was coming to a team that was full of confidence given the results recently.

It never worked out like that but you’ve got to give Brentford credit as that’s the biggest chasing we’ve had this season.

We were never in the game and we’ve got to be honest and say that 2-0 flattered us actually. They missed a penalty, the goalkeeper made some great saves and he kept us in the game for a long time.

We only went in at half-time one nil down when we should have been three or four nil down and you hoped that as a result we could get back in the game.

But it never materialised and it was just much of the same – we were a little bit better in the second half but not a lot and not enough to think that we were going to get back in the game.

It was only a matter of time before Brentford scored again.

I’ve got to say that I was impressed with Brentford and I thought they played good football. But we’ve got to be realistic and say that in their last two games Brentford conceded four against Middlesbrough and three against Norwich.

They’d had two heavy defeats and it’s not like they are going to win the league.

But, as the new head coach says, he’s got to have time to get the players to gel and he’s got to have time to work with them.

I was listening to his interview before the game and he was saying he’d only had two sessions with them.

He’ll be working with them this week and he’s got two tough games coming up in Reading on Wednesday and Sheffield Wednesday on Saturday. The quicker he can get into the fold and get used to the players then the better it’s going to be for everybody.

They are two very important games this week – especially as they are home games – and there’s no reason in this league why you can’t win them. It’s such a topsy-turvy league and you’d like to think we can win the home games and what you’ve got to remember is that we’ve taken ten points out of 15.

I know getting beat on Saturday put us back a bit but that’s still not bad if you win your home games.

If we win our next two home games you are looking at it from the point of view that we have taken 16 points out of 21.

Then you are happy again and I think everybody has got to give the new head coach time.

We’re six points off the play-offs at the moment and there’s a long way to go. We need to wait until these next two home games are gone and then we can take it from there.

It’s step by step just now.

In terms of Milanic’s appointment, I don’t know much about him but it’s somebody that the president wanted and we’ll just have to wait and see how it goes.

I think that’s how it’s going to be at the football club now.

We saw on Saturday what the president is like and about his nature.

He was in there with the fans and he was probably singing songs with them in the crowd!

He’s different and it’s something we are not used to in this country but he’s the owner and that’s how he does things.

We were looking at pictures before the game of him eating his hot dog and there won’t be many owners who you get those sort of pictures of!

But that’s his nature and I think we have just got to get used to something new at the football club.

It’s probably more a case of us getting used to him than him getting used to us!

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