Leeds United have missed a midfield general - Ormsby

UNITED LEGEND: United could do with a playmaker in the style of the legendary Billy Bremner.
UNITED LEGEND: United could do with a playmaker in the style of the legendary Billy Bremner.
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Leeds United legend Brendan Ormsby answers your questions.

Hi Brendan, It looks as though we will just miss out on the play-offs again this season, presuming we do, what do you think the biggest reason will have been?

TO be honest, it is not over yet. I still would not give up hope – not until it is mathematically impossible.

The players won’t under Neil Warnock. Especially in a division where everyone can beat anyone else.

But, as well as doing our bit, others clubs must help us out.

We have something to aim for. If we give it up now, we might as well pack in and go home for the season.

But looking at the team, while we do have the grafters in there like Michael Tonge, David Norris, Michael Brown and Rodolph Austin, we have lacked a play-maker in the middle.

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We have missed someone we can give the ball to and dictate play like in my time at the club when we had John Sheridan and also Ian Snodin for a time.

My job was just to give them the ball. All the successful Leeds teams have had a midfield general, right back to the days of Billy Bremner and Johnny Giles – in fact all successful sides have for that matter. The player has made the difference.

We certainly have one of the best keepers in this division – if not the one above – in Paddy Kenny.

The defence, to be fair, has been more steady in the last month or two, although we have chopped and changed throughout the season, but we have missed someone with real quality in the middle.

If we don’t make the play-offs in a year like this, it will be a missed opportunity and just prove that we aren’t good enough, it’s as simple as that.

The saying that the league table does not lie rings true.

I went on Tuesday to the Championship match with Peterborough and before the game, I said to Eddie Gray that I expected us to win the game by at least two goals.

Yes, I know Peterborough had beaten Millwall away 5-1 recently, but like many in this division, they are not great and have had a few hidings themselves during the season.

But they started off the better on Tuesday and for some reason, it took us a while before we started playing. Thankfully, we got back into it in the second half and were the better side.

they also hit the bar and could have finished the game off. I just expected us to win, although I know you have to earn that right.

The way I looked at it was simply Leeds United versus Peterborough; not too many years ago, it would have been a Premier League side versus a bottom-division one in a cup.

It shows again that we are not a great team anymore and still have a long way to go.

History and tradition mean we are a massive club, but the team itself is just average at the moment, I am afraid.

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