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UNITED club captain Robert Snodgrass was on the Lorimer’s Bar panel at Elland Road this week and it didn’t take long for the subject of his future to come up.

There are two sides to this situation – what Leeds United want to do and what Snodgrass himself wants to do.

The club have made it clear they don’t intend to lose him and have offered him a new deal which would make him the highest paid player at the club. And in my opinion it’s in his best interests to stay at Elland Road for at least another year.

We’ve got big plans for next season, plans which we believe will get us into the Premier League.

It should already be clear to Snodgrass that he’s a very big part of Neil Warnock’s plans and my advice to him would be to stick around and win promotion with us. I’m a huge admirer of Snodgrass. he’s a natural player in the mould of Scottish lads from yesteryear – able to do his own thing and do it in a way which inspires the whole team.

He’s been our best player by a mile this season and he’s our club captain. There’s an awful lot going for him here.

If he needs convincing of that then you can understand why. We’ve had a disappointing season and a footballer as talented as him doesn’t want to waste years of his career.

But we’ve a new manager and a manager with a knack of winning promotion. And by the start of next season I’m sure we’ll have a squad with more ability and potential than we have at present.

No doubt Snodgrass will want assurances about the plans for the summer and the plans for the year ahead. He’s entitled to know that our ambition matches his.

But as a club we showed our intentions by bringing Neil to Elland Road after sacking Simon Grayson. We wanted a manager who could take us up and we’ve got arguably the most proven boss available.

We’re going to be serious contenders next season, of that I’m convinced and Snodgrass would get what he’s looking for by sitting tight, signing his new deal and giving it a go under Neil’s management.

Snodgrass has been excellent ever since we first signed him and he doesn’t owe us anything, but we were the club that gave him his opportunity down south and you’d like to think that he’d be willing to give Leeds another chance.

It hasn’t worked out this time around and no-one at the club is happy about that and he won’t be either.

But he can see how highly we value him, how much we want him to stay and how much the supporters love him. I get the feeling that deep down he’d prefer to stay.

He’s got age on his side and it’s not like we’ll be going into next season with just half-a-chance of going up. The plan is to go into next season with every chance of going up and I really hope Snodgrass will be part of that.

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