Leeds United: Get the takeover done - McDermott

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Brian McDermott has revealed his worries about the off-the-field situation at Leeds United and has implored all parties to successfully resolve the protracted takeover situation for the good of the club.

United, who host Ipswich Town this evening, have seen off-the-field matters take centre stage again in a hugely difficult start to the New Year with a proposed takeover deal between Sport Capital and Leeds owner Gulf Finance House having reached an impasse.

Sport Capital, fronted by United managing director David Haigh, with the consortium also including Enterprise Insurance director Andrew Flowers – attempting to sell his company shares and thought to be worth around £50m – have seen their takeover attempt run into difficulties with a successful conclusion not appearing any closer. Rival groups, including a consortium led by former Manchester United employee Mike Farnan, are watching developments, along with Cagliari owner Massimo Cellino who was in England last week after being linked with a move for United.

Cellino has held discussions with Haigh and Flowers, who have been working on a 75 per cent buy out since the end of November.

The takeover deadlock has effectively put the block on any more incoming business this transfer window at United, although McDermott remains confident that star asset Ross McCormack will still be a Whites player by the closure of the window at 11pm on Friday.

McDermott, whose United side are seeking to avoid a sixth successive defeat in all competitions this evening, said: “I feel like we’re in limbo. That’s how it seems to be.

“It’s massively important times. It’s got to a point where it seems as if the football has been secondary. That should never be the case at a football club, especially at Leeds United.

“But first things first, the ownership needs to be resolved. It’s so, so important.

“Forget my interests, it’s not about me, but the football club. The interest I have got is Leeds United and that’s absolutely genuine. It’s not about the interests of me, David Haigh or anyone.

“It’s about our fans and about our club. It’s got to be done for the right reasons, for Leeds United. That’s 100 per cent my opinion.

“I’ve been told it will be done very, very shortly and it’s really important it does get done. We’ve been told things are going to happen, but they haven’t. We really, really want this to be done and dusted with the right people at our club.

“You don’t want it to drag on, but be done. That’s the important thing. That is the number one, two and three priority at this football club - to get the ownership resolved.

“It’s important that the fans know. I have tried to be as open and honest as I can be since I’ve been at the club and I don’t think that should change.

This football club now is in a place where it has to go and be looked after by the right people in the right hands. Whoever that might be, that’s so important for this club; our club.

“Let’s get this business out of the way, so we can stop talking about it and it’s done. Then we can move on and that’s what I think is absolutely key, first and foremost.

“It’s not easy at the moment; it’s difficult times, there’s no doubt about that. For myself and for the staff. You try and keep this away from the players and the players will go out and do their jobs on Tuesday night, absolutely.

“It’s always a huge week on the pitch for me, because football is everything. But for me, it’s a huge work off the pitch for the club. I hope this week brings what we really need.”

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