Leeds United: Foxes can provide promotion blueprint - Gray

LOOKING UP: Leeds United's Ross McCormack chips the ball wide of the post at Wigan. Picture by Tony Johnson.
LOOKING UP: Leeds United's Ross McCormack chips the ball wide of the post at Wigan. Picture by Tony Johnson.
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I DON’T think anybody knew what was going to happen with Massimo Cellino’s appeal.

I didn’t have a clue and I don’t think anybody else did. But it’s been resolved in his favour and hopefully the club can move upwards and onwards now.

There’s no doubt the club needs an injection of money for various reasons and there’s no way that crowds alone can sustain a top football club now. Other outside influences and finances keep a football club going and that’s why the past owners were trying to sell the club, because it was costing too much money for them. The club has been bleeding money but the new owner has said that if he gets control that one of the first things he is going to do is buy the ground back so we’ll just wait and see if that materialises. Hopefully it will and then we can move on.

He’s got to look at the future of the club and how it’s structured, from the first team right down. And hopefully we can get the quality of players in that can mount a serious challenge next season as you’ve got to admit that we were not good enough this season, that’s the be all and end all. But now Brian McDermott has got a chance to sit down with the new owner to discuss his plans for the future. Between them they can hopefully put the club in the right direction and hopefully get to a position next year where we are challenging for a place in the Premier League.

In terms of how much money it would take to get us promoted, I don’t think you would be spending vast sums of money on players. You’ll not be able to spend vast sums of money on players anyway because the better players will want to play in the Premier League. You’ve got to get players that are capable of getting you out of the Championship and that might be young hungry players; and I don’t mean too young - players that have a bit of experience that are 25, 26 and have played around and know what the game is all about. But I get the impression from Mr Cellino that he won’t rest until he has got the team into the Premier League. He is passionate about things – there’s no doubt about that – and I think his passion can hopefully spur us on. He realises that the club have got a passionate fan base and he is passionate about football so he will want to bring the fans success - there’s no doubt about that.

In terms of Brian’s future, I would hope that he would get the opportunity as he’s done it at Reading. But obviously the new owner runs the football club and he will do things how he sees fit. I just hope that him and Brian can come to an agreement and that Brian gets the opportunity. Yes, you’ve got to be honest and say that results have not been good but the circumstances for Brian have not been good either. It’s up to the new owner to decide but Brian has got a success rate of getting clubs out of the Championship and into the Premier League. And I don’t think it does any football club any good to keep chopping and changing managers all the time, especially if you want to be successful. You look at the team that has just got promoted – Leicester – and they’ll have been disappointed the last few seasons that they never went up with the investment that went into the football club. But eventually their patience has paid off and now they are in the Premier League.

We obviously lost 1-0 at Wigan on Saturday but I thought we did quite well and we deserved a point but we didn’t create enough. But I don’t think we will get drawn into the relegation battle as there’s too many teams in between us and the bottom three to think about falling into there. That will not happen because all these teams are not going to be winning games.

Looking at the whole picture now, everybody knows that the club needed stability and an injection of cash. And you don’t want to hear about the club deferring people’s wages and talk of administration. But hopefully all that will disappear now and we can get a bit of stability back at the football club. You just hope that cloud that has been hanging over Elland Road has been lifted. Let’s hope the boys can finish the season and get a few good results, starting at Watford on Tuesday night.

ALL SQUARE: Kemar Roofe makes it 2-2 as Leeds United yet again have to fight back from going behind. Picture by James Hardisty.

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