Leeds United: Fearing for the future of Byram - Ormsby

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Leeds United legend Brendan Ormsby answers your questions.

Brendan. Now it’s been confirmed we basically have to sell players to get new ones in, do you fear that we are in real danger of losing Sam Byram?

LOOKING at things, I just wonder what the likes of Sam will think if he sees no quality players coming into improve the team.

I think he wants to stay at the club. But any footballer worth their salt wants to play at the highest level and while Sam would obviously want to play in the Premier League with Leeds United, he might start to wonder if it will happen.

In addition, in the light of what’s happened this week, if the club get a decent offer for him, they may not be able to turn it down.

We would like to see him stay, obviously. But when it comes down to it, money talks.

Looking at the squad, Sam is probably the hottest property there, although I know Tom Lees has done well in the England squads.

Sam has had a full season behind him and been in the England U20 squad and can only get better with better players.

I don’t know what Brian was told when he agreed to take the club, but he wouldn’t have come in on the premise that he was not going to get any money to spend. They must have told him they were giving him some money.

Having spoken to him, I do know he wanted to come and that he loves the place now, although it’s a massive challenge for him.

He obviously needs money to do that, or it will be difficult to improve the squad.

Now it seems he has to sell to buy players and wheel and deal. Ideally, he will be wanting to move the lower squad fringe players and the money that brings in will help. Then he will have the hard task of bringing in decent players – it’s a case of shortening the squad to bring in quality players.

I know Brian went through the ranks and did a lot of jobs at his previous club Reading and he will need all that knowledge he has gained to start wheeling and dealing at Leeds.

One thing I know with Brian, having spoken to him a few times since he’s arrived, is that he loves it here. He loves the people here and just wants to turn things around and make it a big success here.

He will, no doubt, have to take it on the chin regarding the money issue. But I know for a fact he is proud to be Leeds United manager. He just needs a bit of help.

The people who own the clubs want success – and to do that, they have to give the manager some sort of financial support.

Supporters want to see improvement on the field, which brings in money off the field. It’s all hand in hand.

Success means more support and bigger crowds and more money. It’s simple.

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