Leeds United fans win big on the new Football Fans Auction site

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Want to celebrate Leeds United and find out how to get the most from its new penny auction sites? Plus receive £10 Love 2 Shop gift code. Then read on.

A new reverse penny auction site dedicated to all things Leeds United has officially launched with an exclusive offer for the first 100 members.

A recent auction winner “Amtom1” secured a pair of Gary Speed hospitality tickets to the Leeds United vs Norwich City said: “Unfortunately, I am not season ticket holder but buy tickets when available, we love the atmosphere. I really can’t wait for the match. The site is fun and exciting and really enjoyed bidding to win.”

Leeds Football Fans Auctions, powered by likleBID.com, offers everything from merchandise to Gary Speed Hospitality suite tickets and a range of gadgets. To win simply submit and own the lowest unique bid at the time of the auction closure.

Not only that, but the first 100 members to join the site and purchase a weekly bid pack also receive a £10 Love 2 Shop gift code - following your sixth consecutive payment, terms and conditions apply.*

Liklebid.com had previously enjoyed success hosting Leeds United auctions but this partnership with the club is the first time a dedicated site has been set up.

“Leeds United fans are incredibly passionate about their team so we wanted to give them more opportunities than ever to win and support the club,” said managing director Chenelle Robertson.

Leeds Football Fans Auctions is a transparent reverse auction site in which the lowest unique bid wins at the close of the auction.

It is different to other traditional penny auction sites because instead of trying to place the lowest bid or the highest bid as many traditional online auctions work, with Leeds Football Fans Auctions you need to enter the lowest unique bid to win.

Chenelle explained: “Members have complete visibility to calculate chances to win: we give you all the information you need.

“The site will tell if you have submitted a ‘unique bid’, so to turn it into the ‘lowest unique bid’ the member simply bids on all values below the ‘unique bid’ they originally submitted.”

More simply: you’re trying to choose an amount to bid no one else has.

The lowest bid that no one else has selected wins the auction.

Leeds United fans can become members can buy 565 chances to bid for just £1.99.

Unlike many other sites, Leeds Football Fans Auctions has a 100 per cent bid refund policy on paid for bids until you win.

That means if you buy 50 bids, use them on a specific auction and lose the bids will be refunded to use on a new auction.

What’s more, anyone signing up will get five free bids to get them started.

Free bids are also up for grabs at the start of every new auction, when members upload a profile picture and when they verify their email address.

Unlimited free bids are available to those who refer their friends.

Because Leeds Football Fans Auctions is so different to other penny auction sites, the tactics to win are also different.

On most online auctions it is all about the timing – with bidders trying to swoop in at the last minute to secure the prize.

Timing is very important but on this site the more unique bids you have the better chance you have of securing and maintain the lowest unique bid.

So how do you have the best chance of winning? Chenelle shares her top tips for success.

Don’t just stick to a penny

Tactics play a big part in any online auction but especially on Leeds United Auctions where it is all about being different.

Some people will always gamble on bidding 1p but selecting a random price could give you a much better chance of winning.

So, for example, if you bid 23p there is a better chance of it being unique.

Bid in consecutive batches

Chenelle recommends always bidding in consecutive batches.

So, if you submit a unique bid, simply bid on all the values below that to make yourself the lowest unique bidder.

Keep track of your bids

It is important to monitor your volume of unique bids – if none of your bids are unique you have no chance of being the lowest!

To sign up and start developing your own strategy to win visit Leeds Football Fans Auctions.

*Plus the special Yorkshire Evening Post offer the first 100 members that buy a weekly bid package, verify email and receive a £10 Love 2 Shop gift code following their sixth consecutive payment.