Leeds United: Fans should rein in their criticism for good of club - Lorimer

Steve Evans.
Steve Evans.
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LET’S be fair, we have great supporters at Leeds United. But there is a small group who are being critical of owner Massimo Cellino at the moment.

For me, they have to realise that these kind of people are spending a lot of their own personal money on clubs and they want things to be right and do the best they can.

There is unrest around the place and the owner is trying to create stability behind the scenes at the club and the last thing that we want are all the protests happening again like we had with Ken Bates.

It is sometimes easy to criticise. But how many people are currently out there to put the money in that the current owner is doing. He spent money in the summer and we have seen since Massimo has been here that he does have the clear passion for the club.

Okay, it boils over sometimes, but the passion is there and the desire to get the football club into a better place.

As regards another Football League ban on Massimo being the club’s owner or director for the rest of the season, you have got to be worried.

Let’s be fair, he’s come to the club and cleared all sorts of debts and sorted out the problems GFH had left and spent money on the team.

I suppose it is difficult when you come to another country when things operate differently. But you have to say he has made improvements for the benefit of the football club.

As for Uwe Rosler’s sacking, I have to say in my view that I think the chairman was right to make the step he did. It is no good shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted.

Sometimes, it might be quicker than some people want. But if it is not working, that’s the owner’s responsibility to mend it. It would have been easy for him to go along for another two or three weeks and see how it works out. But he made a decision and that was it.

Coming out of the Brighton game, I spoke to quite a lot of fans and the majority were getting fed up with the system and couldn’t see a way out.

In the past couple of weeks, I had been concerned as there were visible signs of us going backwards and that confidence was draining from the team.

I just thought: ‘My God, this can’t go on’ as Christmas is not too far away and if you are in the bottom four or five then you are in a bit of a hole.

Steve Evans has now come in and his record has been proven over the years, although he would be the first to admit that this is a big step for him.

But he is someone who is full of enthusiasm and belief, no question.

When you see him on the line, he is passionate about football and knows what he wants and what he expects from players and I don’t think he will suffer fools very easily.

Maybe he can give things a shake-up that are needed and to me football is a simple game and it is only the players and the system-makers who make it complicated.

Looking at us over the previous few weeks, we didn’t look like scoring a goal and there was no way we could stop the opposition scoring.

When you have that, it’s a recipe for disaster.

I spoke to Steve on Monday morning and he is so happy to be at a club like Leeds.

He sees it as a major chance for him and his enthusiasm is genuinely like that of a young kid and wants to get some passion back in the place and that was encouraging to see.

And you have to say that Wednesday night at Fulham was a much-improved performance and I was very impressed and we were unlucky not to win.

I was pleased with the move back to 4-4-2; it suits us much better.

I am not a fan of one striker up front and I think it is a negative mindset.

I was delighted with the switch and I think you could see the players respond as well.

Mirco Antenucci was back in the side and he had previously been unlucky as when he has been given the chance, he has played well.

But his chances had been very limited because of the system Uwe wanted to play.