Leeds United fans on Twitter: Trump, Cellino and Liverpool

Donald Trump as he makes his acceptance speech.
Donald Trump as he makes his acceptance speech.
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We round up what the Elland Road faithful are discussing on social.

@Ste_Robbo87. No point in moaning about Liverpool tickets, I’ve not got one either. It’s what happens, save your money for the play off final #lufc

@ilnsureHealth. Just got tickets for LUFC at Anfield & Robbie Williams at Etihad. Not a bad days work! #lufc

@AdamStreet_. Buzzing to get Liverpool tickets, Jansson will have Mane in his pocket

@Thomas_Rafferty. I don’t remember this mad rush for Exeter away in January 2010...#lufc

@markcally8. Tickets sorted for Liverpool #mot #lufc

@DanMash90. Hoping this @andreaadri stuff does come to fruition, imagine having an owner who tweets “yeeeeeeah” and may actually engage with the fans #lufc

@mattbrewer92. Surely if Brexit can happen and Trump (pictured above) can become president we can get promoted this year!?!?

@Prokyp. What if #lufc get new owners and they want to appoint their own manager? It’s possible.

@Rich_Miz. Got my Liverpool ticket, first away game since 2008 Playoff final.

@LeedsFanz. Who remembers the times we had to sleep out at ER, queuing for tickets? 45 minutes on the phone! Come on now #lufc

@BillyHardiner7. @JamesBeattie @GarryMonk @LUFC You Garry and Pep are doing a brilliant job, keep it up.

@WACCOE. Pontus will frighten the snow away.

@JimmyLumber1. Great attitude. Showing in performances on the pitch #LUFC #MOT

@LUFCTickets. Liverpool! Season Ticket Holders 80% allocation has sold out #LUFC