Leeds United fans on Twitter: ‘Bielsa has turned Kalvin Phillips into Bobby Moore in 8 matches’

Kalvin Phillips.
Kalvin Phillips.
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Wee round up what Leeds United fans are discussing on social media.

@parkthebuspod. This is not me trying to stir rumours, and I hope it’s not true as I really want to see Paul Hurst succeed at #itfc but I’m fairly sure I saw Thomas Christiansen (ex #lufc) leaving the game last night

@epictrader. Bielsa has turned Kalvin Phillips into Bobby Moore in 8 matches #lufc

@s90rny. Did everyone see that Cruyff turn from @PJansson5 in the 2nd half on the sideline ... #tekkers #lufc

@roofe39. Buzzing for the boys last night ... it was a joy to watch. #relentless #MOT #LUFC

@Jordan_Armo. we’re not just winning but we’re winning convincingly and doing it in style #lufc

@benduke17. We pull out this performance and we’ve still got Hernandez, Roofe, Berardi, Izzy Brown, Bamford and Forshaw (fully fit) to come back in #lufc

@coachdogge. Examining a few player movements & relationships from Bielsa’s Leeds; counter-movements move opponents, and creates space to be exploited in a later phase! #Leeds #LUFC #Bielsa

@RITGK. BT Sport must be fuming that you can watch Leeds on Sky the same day as the Champions League kicks off, ratings must have crashed #lufc

@LUSCgriffinLUFC. 4600 away tickets snapped up in 24 minutes, for a game live on Sky on a Friday night. #lufc