Leeds United fans on Twitter; ‘And so it begins, the he’s coming he’s going circus’

Jerry Mbako.
Jerry Mbako.
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We round up what Leeds United fans are discussing on social media.

@ArchieAndrews93. @Cli5hy and Forshaw will rip it up next year! #lufc

@KalamakiSteve. And so it begins, the he’s coming he’s going circus. Wish everything was open so we didn’t have all the speculation #lufc #mot

@JPRVause. Wouldn’t be against seeing Klich in an #lufc shirt again. He messed up once against Cardiff and didn’t seem to get another chance after that... His error seemed very similar to what Vieira did at the weekend?

@gbell93. Leeds need to learn from their mistakes this summer. We do not need to make loads of signings, the focus should instead be on quality in key positions. #lufc

@baldyman1965. i agree that continually pulling the trigger isn’t helpful. what would be helpful would be if we appointed a proper coach in the first place so we wouldn’t have to resort to that #lufc

@RupertTrousers. Is it true that Orta and Heckingbottom are doing the Elland Road ring walk with @J_Warrington ? #lufc

@DavidKershaw7. I would rather be a #lufc fan at this level for the next 10 years than support any other club ... we all want to get promoted but i would never just walk away and turn my back if we didn’t make it or sign a host of top players .. keep the faith no matter how hard it can be