Leeds United: Fans are the only constant when it comes to United

Man of the match contender Charlie Taylor. PIC: Jonathan Gawthorpe
Man of the match contender Charlie Taylor. PIC: Jonathan Gawthorpe
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United wrapped up their Championship campaign with a rare 0-0 against Rotherham United.

Neil Reffearn chose the same 11 who started in the victory at Hillsbrough and Steve Morison almost made it three goals in three matches when he had a first-half goal harshly ruled out for offside. Both teams created chances aplenty, with United coming closest in a game watched by a phenomenal crowd of 31,850.

Mr President we have the makings of a great team, we have such fantastically loyal fans and you now return to OUR club with a manager (not coach) who should be given a proper chance to return this club to its former glories. Enjoy the summer everyone!

Man of the match: Charlie Taylor.

Juror: Gary Newbold.


A damp squib of a season ended appropriately – with a dismal 0-0 draw against Rotherham.

It was hardly the send-off Neil Redfearn will have wanted, but it did lay open the weaknesses that need addressing for next season, whoever will be in charge.

A lack of cutting edge and an experienced head to control the game are the most glaring weaknesses. Solve those problems, and keep what we have and Leeds should be able to put up more of a fight next season. That all depends on who will be in control, and we can expect another summer of upheaval. Decisons need to be made quickly to ensure Leeds start on the front foot in the New season.

Man of the match: Charlie Taylor.

Juror: Stephen Clark.


It was an average way to end the season but Saturday wasn’t about the performance or result, it was about thanking Neil Redfearn and the job he has done for us through this tough season. There were no real chances; we just edged it.

Man of the match: Charlie Taylor.

Juror: James Harrison.


This meaningless game finished goalless; just as the same fixture did exactly a decade ago.

United played some solid football but don’t have the players to create and score goals – not an unusual occurrence this season.

Man of the match: Rodolph Austin.

Juror: Matthew Evans.


Well, it was a boring end to a not-so-boring season, and 15th position is where we finish, depending on the FA decision on the Blackpool game.

We have probably finished in the position we deserved to, but not because of Neil Redfearn.

The turning point of the season and the safety came when Massimo Cellino brought Redfearn in and allowed him to bring in Steve Thompson, and we went on a run that a promotion-chasing team would have loved. But then Leeds suspending Thompson and then we had the ‘sicknote six’, it’s never a dull moment. That’s Leeds United, but why should it be?

Why can’t we have a normal owner with a normal manager who brings in his players and challenges for promotion? Why does it have to be complicated, I ask myself with every takeover and with every season that passes?

The only anomaly to the chaos is the fans. We are the only thing that never changes at the club. We turn up in numbers, home and away, as proven by 31,000-plus turning up to a dead rubber.

As for the players, Marco Silvestri – until recently – has had a very good debut season. Scott Wooton has been impressive since he came back from a loan spell and ended up a regular. Sol Bamba is passion personified and Liam Cooper is adetermined lad and can only get better. Bellusci, however, is a liability.

Luke Murphy has been a revelation since he came back. He has knuckled down and deserves every plaudit.

Steve Morison deserved his two goals and puts every effort in and I would much rather have players like him in than players who play when they choose. (You never refuse to play for this club). Billy Sharp hasn’t really had too much of a chance but is always busy and looks dangerous.

Byram, Mowatt, Cook, Taylor, and Phillips; these are the future of the club and the reason why Leeds fans have turned up when we have struggled this season. They are the heart of the club and need to be signed to long term contracts.

We need to address the contract of Rudy Austin and most importantly keep Neil Redfearn!

A big summer lies ahead with lots to address and lots to do.

Man of the season: Neil Redfearn.

Juror: Jonathan Ford.


Leeds United completed the 2014/15 season with a tepid 0-0 draw with Rotherham.

My awards for the season: players of the year, Lewis Cook/Alex Mowatt; young player of the year, Lewis Cook; best signing, Marco Silvestri; goal of the season, Luke Murphy versus Bournemouth at home; biggest disappointment, Massimo Cellino, promised much but delivered little; man of the year, Neil Redfearn, saved the club from relegation, he’s Leeds and that means so much to the fans; loyalty, fans, just feel proud to be one of them.

The non appearance of certain players in the traditional ‘lap of honour’ didn’t go unnoticed. Only Silvestri could expect a welcome back into the first team by the paying public.

I’ve been very proud to be amongst some of the most loyal fans in football, how many clubs could attract nearly 32,000 in a game that meant nothing. The thing that worries me is that I cannot and will not continue to plough my hard-earned money into a club that continues to sell it’s best assets and is continually ridiculed for it’s off-field problems. Massimo Cellino has the summer to convince me to change my mind.

To Neil Redfearn I offer my thanks and I hope and pray he’s still in charge next season. He is the future of Leeds United FC.

Man of the match: Rodolph Austin.

Juror: Keith Ingham.